A Small Sucess Leads to Great Victories

—Satish Verma

The only victories which leave no regret are those which are gained over ignorance.


Why were you afraid
of the unknown?
I am washing away
the whole truth in the vicinity
of discrepant nouns.
The words will articulate
the body overrun by rough
handling of the golden triangle.
The arrival does not stop the allegro.
Claustrophilia enslaves you.
You start a new journey
towards a non-space and non-entity.
Was there anything beyond the naught.
I have come faraway.
Will not return to numbers.

About the Author
Satish Verma is a prolific writer and an accomplished teacher. He lives in Ajmer. He has been teaching Botany for more than three decades now and has been writing poetry privately and solemnly published twelve collections. At the same time he has been working for the needy. He runs the Charitable Holistic Institute of Sewa Mandir Foundation.

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