A good book is an endless source of influence on human beings

— Ria Chakraborty

Books are borderless oceans of knowledge where words of wisdom are poured into every wave, spilling into snippets of conversations. The intricately worded constellations weave magic in each page and with every page we turn, we begin a new journey of revelation. Our fingertips skim across the bold letters as if they were determined ships, sailing fearlessly across vast seas; discovering gleaming gold with each voyage.

The restlessly fluttering pages echo of verses that a million tongues could never toss around; the knowledge which rests between the spines of books could never be recited around bonfires. Even mouthfuls of worldly facts couldn’t get engraved inside the darkest folds of the mind; only books can do that. Each word we read seeps into our hearts, curving around every metaphor and anecdote.

The libraries not just shelter hard-cover books; they house beating hearts inside them. Each book comes with a tale; not just the story spelled inside it but, the story that led to the birth of the book which, until some time ago, was a mere mess of midnight inspiration and scribbled ideas. While each book retells tales no one ever knew about; the library glows with the reminiscently typed up words.

Books influence us in countless ways; shaping us into who we are today and the choices we make which paves the way leading to the castles we build in the future.

The words we read leave behind footprints on the beaches of our minds; carving the emotions and the possibilities of our hopes and aspirations. When we read a book, we are absorbed by those lifeless words which are surprisingly soulful and we find ourselves wanting to know more and more until we reach the end and trace our steps along with the character we fell in love by the time we begin the third chapter.

The character’s fate aligns with ours and no matter how the story ends; its traces forever mark parts of you. The impression left by them often taints the decisions we make and the way we choose to construct our destinies and this is why we must be careful while picking books and be wise.

Every book isn’t the appropriate one; like a vase full of a miscellany of flowers, each one has a distinct scent and beauty but, you’re the one who has to make a garden out of each petal you need. The decisions must be made cautiously because choosing the wrong book could be like a misleading signboard; you could lose yourself in places you never wanted to be.

A good book is the one which is appropriate for you and relevant to the situation you are in; it should satiate your hunger for weighty verses and untold tales.

Books will continue to influence you till the end of time; more the books, more the ideas. They help in forming opinions and to have your own viewpoint about various topics. They also assist you in becoming more informed and educated as an individual.

A shaper of minds, a sculptor of opinions, a poem of the dusty library, a teacher of eager beings and a masterpiece of splattered words- a book is the greatest gift, dripping with literature and overflowing with blessings.

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