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— A.Nichelson

Have you ever felt the smell of a new book? Ah! I think most of you might have felt the same during your school days. Most of us forget the books after getting a job. It’s like missing a lifelong valuable friend for the entire lifetime. You might have thought, what the hell is there inside a book? But, you can experience heaven inside a good book. All the legends and great personalities in the world fed their insight via the wonderful books they had read. Here are some of the famous quotes about reading books, by great minds.

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of the past centuries”- Mahatma Gandhi “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading or surrender yourself to self chosen ignorance”- Confucius How to read books? You can start reading, even from the bit of news paper used for packing items! Find from more packages. By this time, if anybody irritates you by asking, “What you are digging inside a bit of paper?” Just leave it like the water of a ducks back. After finding the priceless information in it, you can move to read a complete newspaper and its supplement. Wow! It’s really informative and amazing yaar, feel that.

Now slowly move on to a library, Ah! Scared of giant books, don’t worry pick a small book, but a good book. Take that, feel the warmth and smell of the book, turn the pages one by one from cover to cover with great curiosity. Find the treasure in it and rob it like Muhammed Ghajini. When it becomes a habit you won’t withdraw then. And now, you are ready to meet the wonderful personalities in the world, their thoughts, their history and so on and on. Open your mind to grasp more and make it as a creative mind. Reading becomes an art for you then. You can step up from knowledge to wisdom. Why to read books? Oh man! Why you are asking us to read, read and read those dusty books? A million dollar question.

But your question is worthless. Because, reading books worth more. Let me tell you why to read books? Eating is good for physical health; reading is good for mental health and physical health unless you have a dust allergy. If you don’t read, you are half naked and half baked. You couldn’t live a whole life. You may die without knowing the meaning of your life. While you get into nurtured books, your visionary circle of truth will extend to an infinite radius. You should never feel alone, at any moment of your life.

Give more importance for book reading during your leisure time. A survey report on leisure time activity among students says that most of the time is spent for watching television. Here reading is in the second place. Some of you may read the ebooks in your computer or mobile.

It may affect your eyes or make you feel irritating. So, nothing could replace a book. Being ordinary to extraordinary The change in your life after the entry of books is noticeable. There must be a change in your thoughts, attitude and aesthetic values. At a snail's pace, you will become an intellectual property so that, everyone can inherit from you.

. Another way to grow your reading habit is to write the information you gather. This will increase your search and improve your reading. The great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Periyar, Swami Vivekananda and Ambedkar were inspired by the great books they had read and lived as inspirers to others. Book reading should change you from an ordinary man to an extraordinary human being.

At this juncture, you should know the benefits of book reading. Books are here to train your mind, inspire you to achieve more in your life and to explain the meaning of your life. So don’t give the cold shoulder to your best friends, the books. If you start holding the books, the books will hold you, the entire life.

Generally, I always insist my students to read the books of diverse field. Now you too friends, start reading the books as ‘heaven’ly bodies.

About the Author
A.Nichelson is working as an assistant professor of Physics in PSN College of Engineering and Technology, Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu. He always want to be an effective teacher to his students and be a good researcher. With a good aesthetic sense, he has a great passion on writing articles for magazines and newspapers.

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