Don't Let Fear Conquer Your Greatness


Greatness is a virtue gifted to every living and non-living being on the planet earth and not restricted to a certain group of people, things, places or creations. All the God’s creations are equally great, however the assessment and category may differ.

Greatness which should be accredited sincerely is ubiquitously distributed , and if out of fear it is not acknowledged then we are NOT worth it.

To support this let’s see some very general examples.
• Every morning how would our day be if sun refused to rise,because of the fear that its rays are very intense, harsh and could be harmful to the life on earth?

But it is the greatness of the sun that it conquers the fear of harming others and stood bold to rise and shine by the positivism that nature has positioned sun millions of miles away from the earth so that its rays provide only the useful elements like vitamins and light energy.

One should never underestimate himself. We might be good in something which may or may not be a big contribution,but still we can be contributors of goodness to everyone around us.

• Let’s consider the small living beings, though they are tiny and timid but still have conquered their fear in order to exhibit their greatness.

Say for example Birds. Have you ever noticed a bird’s nest with chicks, who can’t fly or do anything? The Mom bird has to come and feed them.

After a few months or days, these little chicks get transformed into small birds, and now it is the time for them to fly.

One of the ability that Almighty has bestowed them is to FLY. And their greatness is in flying. There are many of us who if not many but at least some might have secretly wished to fly like birds go and touch the clouds. It’s said that humans are superior race/species present on mother earth, but we are deprived of flying. We do not have wings where as the birds do have.

Now, if the small bird out of fear of height refuses to fly, then what happens? There would be no birds seen in the sky.

Therefore, again a repetition that fear has to be conquered in order to exhibit our greatness. Above mentioned are some mere examples in general. We may even consider that fear is another word for NERVOUSNESS.

Nervousness is a condition when you feel like butterflies in the stomach or the rats playing kabaddi in the stomach etc, before taking up big ventures of life,.Personally even I have gone through this phase,when as a student while giving my first Power-Point presentation I was all stammering and made a big joke of myself. The fact is we all are designed in this way to get Nervous,and as psychologists say feeling nervous before doing/going for something big is a positive sign.

It all depends on us how well we deal with our nervousness and if we succeed in not letting it takeover our mind, we can easily beat our fear, and overcome fear/nervousness by means of self –hypnosis or positive autosuggestions.

There are also several movies which have passed on the message to kill the fear i.e., Don't let the fear conquer your greatness.

Example: The famous song from a suspense movie 100 days-”Gabbar singh ye kehke gaya,jo dargaya woh margaya” The song from a superhit flick 3Idiots “All is Well”

Life is beautiful and we all are given a life to live but not to die every second from fear— ‘A Cowardice Trait’.

Now the Question is----How to become FEARLESS?
The POSITIVISM is the weapon to kill fear. An individual should keep an optimistic attitude towards various happenings in life.

In Education field we observe that there are students who are talented in many other fields but not in studies and so because of achieving of low percentages they fail to pursue higher education, which hinders their growth---Path to Success.

Often it’s observed specially in some families that the child who is academically good is praised more than their siblings who do not fare well in academics. Irrespective of their performance in academics the members of the family should give the children the expected warmth and love, and should help them in knowing their potential in various fields, so that they can grow up without any fear to excel in studies etc and become if not academically sound but fearless citizens of tomorrow and let the world have their flavour of greatness.

In addition, fearlessness comes when each one of us starts taking life seriously, keeping positive mind set and take decisions with a broad mind.

The reason behind is,
When there is seriousness, the purpose of life is unveiled.

When there is a positive mind set, an essence of goodness in every instance of life is observed and interpreted. When the decisions are taken with broad mindedness ,the outcome is accepted whole heartedly irrespective of failure or success got.

Fearless souls can go far off places and cross many streams showcasing the greatness in them to a larger audience since they are enlightened by the fact that
‘Life continues to be beautiful by not letting the fear conquer the greatness’.

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