Emotional and Intellectual needs of human beings

— Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Human beings being animals as the rest of the fauna and especially vertebrates but for having the ability to express through languages, share almost all features with rest of the vertebrates. The common traits and needs identified for them as other animals are: “aahaara-bhaya-nidraa-maithunaani” – food, fear, sleep and copulation for reproduction. These are the things that motivate the humans to act. Their all actions are directed in fulfilling these needs and the trait fear makes them vulnerable physically and mentally too. Thus the body and mental needs make them engage in activities and take various professions too depending on their tastes, abilities and capabilities.

Human-beings thus have body, emotional and intellectual needs. Human-beings are essentially emotional beings. Though they have intellectual needs also, emotional needs dominate the living. Almost all human-beings crave for emotional fulfillment in lives. Very few people have intellectual needs. For most human-beings if emotions are taken care of, they do not bother for anything else. But some human beings need intellectual fulfillment also in life. They will be engaged in research, literary pursuits, reading, commenting, philosophical discussions, debates and deductions. A human-being feels void in life when either or both of the needs, the emotional and intellectual, are not fulfilled. They feel complete only when both the needs are fulfilled. Sex is normally considered as a physical need; but it is essentially and equally a psychological and emotional need and satisfaction too.


Emotions also include, longing to love and be loved; have bonds of affection with fellow human-beings who are near and dear. Though marriage is expected to take care of most of emotional needs, incompatibility or different tastes, likes and dislikes give a feeling of emotional void. A human-being can live comfortably if emotional needs are taken care of and intellectual needs are not necessarily taken care of. But a human being whose intellectual needs are taken care of but not the emotional needs, one feels miserable. Craving for emotional fulfillment drives humans instinctively and sometimes societal restrictions and expectations are ignored in the fulfillment of emotions. Some cultivate platonic relationships for emotional fulfillment. Even great intellectuals, who include scientists, philosophers, authors, musicians, and the like, gave and give importance to rewarding emotional tie-ups and bonds. Such rewarding relationships enhance their creative abilities. Both men and women are contented in emotionally fulfilling companionships. It is not wise to neglect or ignore emotional needs. There is a possibility that such negligence leads to psychological problems in men and women.

Emotions are basically of animal nature. Every living being, from minor organisms to humans, is sustained by emotional bonds and instinctive affectionate concerns shown, shared, exhibited and fulfilled. The emotion of mother towards the welfare and well-being of the off-spring is instinctive.

Instincts are not ruled by reason or logic. They cannot be understood by intellectual probes and discussions. They are the creations of the nature for survival of organisms. Though mother animal does not take care of its off-spring after a period, it completely involves itself in the upbringing of the off-spring in the initial stages. It teaches the off-spring how to earn food, protect from predators, and in case of wild animals like tigers, lions etc., how to hunt the prey and eat it.

Such care is involved in emotion. Emotionless people are burden to themselves and their kith and kin, near and dear. Emotion takes care of and concerns itself with the well-being of near and dear. In the absence of show and share of emotions, human beings risk the danger of being and becoming insane. Loving and affectionate words, deeds, and the like preserve the psychological wellness and well-being of humans. It is essential that emotions are shared and fulfilled. Intellectual exchanges, Meditations, spiritual exercises, meta-scientific discussions are poor substitutes for love and affection from near and dear. In the absence of giving and taking love and affection, a million number of meditative techniques or commercial spiritual gurus or intellectual discussions will not be beneficial and effective. In the presence of fulfilling emotional tie-up, all these are not necessary. Love and affection for Divinity, near and dear is essential requirement for emotional fulfillment. It is always advisable to love ourselves, and the selves that reflect us for our emotional well-being.

About the Author
Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam is a post-graduate in physics and doctorate in life sciences; he is proficient in Telugu (mother tongue) , English, Hindi, Sanskrit, German and French. He has been writing poetry and short-fiction in Telugu, English, and Sanskrit.

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