Harnessing Intuitive Powers

— Swati Dhawan

To begin with let us answer the question of what is intuition?

To answer it in a schematic fashion:

General Unified Theory======GUT FEELING=========INTUITION

All sentient beings have within them an inner voice which keeps guiding and talking to them and telling them what to do and what not to do. It can act like your remote control if you let it to without succumbing to the chatter of your intellect which produces questions, doubts, prejudices, restrictions, obstacles and hurdles and LO and BEHOLD you would see it takes you in the direction of your destiny, the purpose of your existence. Gradually when you start trusting and honoring your intuition and keep on following and acting on its advice you would notice that the intellectual chatter decreases and ceases and it learns to trust that GUT FEELING completely.

It can speak to you through premonitions, dreams, uneasy feelings and unreasonable fears about something or someone which or who is a part of your life or daily routine.

All great saints, scientists who gave the world gifts beyond compare were highly intuitive people and they made their intuition their CHOICE in life. Intuition is a choice and not an option to analytical and statistical and other intellectual pursuits. Many great entrepreneurs or people whose works have largely made a difference in the lives of population have been extremely intuitive people.

• Intuition is stronger in women than in men. Men need to work harder and regularly to harness their intuitive powers.
• Intuitive capabilities in children are easier to harness as children below three years of age are rather better than adults.
• Simple people, who are selfless, speak the truth and lead an honorable life find intuition helping them more and guiding them more rather than the shrewd, cunning, selfish and jealous personalities.
• People staying closer to nature or rather in the bosom of nature are more intuitive than urban, technologically driven mechanical people.
• Your well wishers who accept you and love you unconditionally rather than your relatives are more intuitive .If you doubt their suggestions and advice give it a rational thought whether the concerned person has any personal motive or gain in giving that suggestion and then make your decision in life.
• Meditation for long hours and deep meditation harnesses intuitive powers. It is not a rule that it will help. It usually supports in harnessing intuitive powers if the person leads a simple and truthful life.
• Even great saints are not always in the state of pure consciousness or intuition; they have also agreed that they have their ups and downs in consciousness.
We need to understand here that intuition is very different from creative thinking, many people confuse and misinterpret creative thinking for intuition.

Any person with above average Intelligence Quotient is capable of creative thinking in a relaxed or even stressed situation. Pressure and high stress situations have mostly given rise to a whole lot of creative solutions to the biggest of queries. Saints, scientists, entrepreneurs are also creative thinkers as they are people with very high intelligent quotient and hence need to learn to differentiate one from the other. To put it simply, “Making sense out of chaos” is creative thinking and intuition is “That eerie feeling” when faced with a crisis, “that eureka feeling” when faced with an unsolvable puzzle of life, “that is it feeling” when confused about the path to take, “that thank god with my soul feeling” when everything around is shrouded in darkness and you notice a ray of hope, “aah, that’s it feeling” when it has been ages and you get what you sooooooooo desperately have needed and were unaware that you really needed it and ignored it always. It can also come with a feeling of something written in a book or read or heard long time back being repeated within you and becoming more meaningful or having a feeling of them talking to you or communicating with you. You need to learn to acknowledge, accept, appreciate and act on it to strengthen it further such that it acts as your IMMORTAL GUIDING FORCE IN LIFE.

If you notice here, intuition is always accompanied by feelings or sensations which are very intense and can hardly be given logical reasons or processed logically whereas creative thinking pursuits can be logically and analytically reasoned.

Some important quotes on intuition and creative thinking by western scientists:
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. -----------Albert Einstien

* Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. -----------Arthur Koestler

Two important examples of great Indian people not following their intuition and succumbing to death are Kalpana Chawla and Ishmeet Singh. Just before their deaths each one of them were hiding their true strong emotions behind veils, Ishmeet Singh behind his dark, broad glasses and Kalpana Chawla in her spaceship helmet. Probably both of them anticipated death and decided to live for the happiness of others and sacrifice their lives. I would call them great souls of our times. Here we may feel that Kalpana Chawla was a scientist. Many scientists are also intuitive as seen above by the quote of Albert Einstein.

Hence, the synopsis is TRUST, BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH and move ahead in life and achieve the purpose of your existence on this spaceship of earth and feel fulfilled.

About the Author
Swati is a Holistic and Wellness Consultant and Trainer. .She is the only medical professional in India who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom offering health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation.

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