It is not our words; it is our life that affects people

— Subrahmanian

Contrapunto: If we ourselves follow all the advice that we give to our children, this world will become a heaven.
It is not our words; it is our life that affects people. This short, but very powerful, aphorism most simplistically, but substantially conveys the ultimate lesson for evolution. Did I make a statement? The four important words in this aphorism are of common usage, but need a special contemplation.

The first one, ‘Words ‘or shall we say ‘spoken words’ are medium of communication, although grossly imperfect. For we understand that, “Any word of any language is grossly inadequate to accurately convey the meaning intended to be conveyed”. Different words convey different meanings to different people depending upon the level of their evolution, as also the same word conveys different meaning to same person at different times of his evolution. So is it really possible to convey accurately what we actually want to convey through the words? Similarly, spoken words are also subject to the receptivity of the receiver.

Example: “A white car has arrived” – will be perceived differently by every listener e.g. I say a white car has arrived. Person A might perceive it as an Ambassador, someone else a BMW or Honda etc. When I say two persons have come out of it. Someone will be thrilled for the arrival of his parents, for another person they could be CID personnel. How variantly we surmise, without actually knowing the facts.

Yet another fact is contemplative listening. e.g. The moment speaker speaks a word, it conveys a meaning to the listener and a chain of thoughts start that is based on the meaning perceived and what speaker speaks thereafter, is not heard by the listener. Whenever there is a thought break, the speakers words do not match & the reaction is; “My God, this speaker does not know what he is talking about”.

The next word ‘Life’ here has a broad sensed meaning, in that, it embraces all that we exhibit or convey. This word -Life here, not only signifies our physical appearances like how we conduct ourselves, our way of standing, walking, talking, dressing, mannerism and so on, but more significantly our continual procreating of Astral & Mental vibrations that are constantly acting and reacting to every single stimulus irrespective of its vicinity or the nature. And that happens to be a nonstop phenomenon, all the time waking or sleeping. These vibrations are not only the instant communicational entities, but also exceptionally affective. The communications thus generated through these vibrations are most accurate & non-failing. The effect is always certain & instantaneous. We shall explore this further in a little while.

Right now let’s come to our next word ‘affects’. A simple word but, as we saw, it has a strong element of certainty embedded. This element of certainty of the affect is not voluntary but involuntary. The receiver has no choice but to be affected, degree of affect, albeit, could vary depending upon the level of evolution of the recipient(s) & the initiator.

And now we come to our last word ‘People’. Here again, the word people does not represent merely the sentient beings, but also involves all the beings. Inferring thus, that we are obliviously touching the entire manifestation unceasingly, for good or otherwise.

Well brothers & Sisters, thus far we had simple theoretical discerning. But how does this information benefit me & my brothers. Having understood the limitation of our verbal communication, we need to discover the alternative communication for the desired results.

Theosophy has unveiled to us another sure & accurate communication & that is Astral & Mental communication. For us Theosophists these terminologies are not quite unfamiliar. We shall, however, briefly recount that:

• First we have the physical body.
• Next we have the energy body or the Etheric Double that interpenetrates the physical body & goes beyond that, is called the Etheric Aura.
• We also have an emotional or Astral body, called emotional or Astral Aura.
• Next to Astral Body is the Mental Body, the subtle vehicle for mind & is called Mental Aura.

There are more subtle bodies, but we shall confine ourselves up to Mental Body only.

Thinking & feeling are so closely intertwined that we seldom can think without feeling or feel without thinking. What happens during the process of thinking or feeling? Based on the clairvoyant studies of Dr Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater, there are two phenomena that take place:

• We produce a Psychic Radiatory Field that is made up of Mental, Emotional & Etheric substances.
• We create Thought entity; a living being that is produced by thinking. It has a form, it has life & it has directability & it has an effect, that can be Positive or Negative. It can be classified into Thought Forms, Thought Entities or Thought Elementals.

While a Thought Entity contains exact content of our thoughts & emotions, the Psychic Radiatory Field contains the quality of our thoughts & emotions.

Let’s understand the Thought in its very basic sagacity. Every thought, irrespective of its kind, is a living body, built of matter of precise vibration –You may ask me -is there a difference between matter and vibrations. Yes, you are right, there is nothing known as matter, every perceivable/unperceivable manifestations are but vibrations, with different dimensional aspects. Ah! That is where we get stuck. Well, brothers, I must confess that the words or terminologies that I am using, are grossly inadequate to exactly represent what I want to convey. So, we need to envision.

One of my students once asked me, “It’s okay, you say that we have subtle bodies like Bioplasmic, Astral, Mental etc, but how do I perceive it; to believe it. It was a relevant question. Let me share my explanation with you all? We shall see it in a layman’s language. I said language, but I am afraid no language or words can explain any idea with exactitude. So, kindly bear with me. We shall envision or shall we say, guesstimate in our minds, as we go by.

Take an Ice cube; can we change its shape? No? But if we melt it, it takes the shape of the vessel in which we pour it. But the matter remains the same. We heat it, it becomes vapour, it has no shape & we can barely see it. But the matter remains the same? Suppose we do something more to it. What? It take a more subtle form & called as Bioplasma, a substance that was not known almost two decades back & today it is the most extensively used technology in the industry & agriculture. Would you believe if I say that a plasma gun can cut a six inches thick steel plate? Okay thus far is known, what next? Laboratory science may not know. But there are more & more subtle manifestations namely Astral Matters, Mental Matters, Causal Matters and so on. I am saying matters because each of these have further levels like Astral 1, Astral 2 etc.

Okay let me go back to the origin of the matter-Substance-Vibration or whatever name we call it. That may help us to understand this most most important doppelgänger of our manifestation.

Nasdiya Sukta or The Secret Doctrine tells us that the actual manifestation took off from nothingness. They say, a point, its linear movement; made it two etc etc. But how do the extremely complex manifestations like Consciousness, thoughts, emotions and so many others, form? To envision this, lets take a simple two dimensional wave that is projected on paper with length & breadth. It can be described with values of three parameters, Frequency, Amplitude and Wave Length. When we add the third dimension; Height, the new body so formed shall now be describable with seven parametric values. Adding a fourth dimension shall make it unimaginably enormous & incomprehensible parameters. If we keep adding dimensions after dimensions, where do we reach – innumerable parameters and manifestations? And at any stage change in any one parameter will change the entire manifested property. And brothers & Sisters do you envision now that, this is the true picture of the entire manifestation. Anything & Everything, you, me and every manifestation around, whether perceivable or unperceivable, are just vibrations with different dimensions of different parametric values. It is well-nigh impossible to represent them graphically. We can only envision this. If you can; fine if not, then it shall happen very soon & that very soon could be anything up to a few million years.

After this mind boggling revelation, let’s turn our thoughts to the Thought again, which again are nothing but vibrations, as we have seen just now. An extremely simple statement as “Mr X is a corrupt person”. Even if this is not a spoken statement & is only a thought, it has the connotations as:

“We have already learnt that this thought is a living body of vibrations picked up from the Mental Matter of the originator. It has life, directability & effect. So this Thought Body instantly reaches the object ie Mr X. It now compares its vibrations with those in the mental matter of Mr X. If the vibrations match and resonate, it boosts the vibrations of Mr X, thus aggravating the element of corruption in Mr X. So it makes Mr X worse than before. But suppose, the vibrations are not matching or just match in periphery, it will induce its vibrations & tend to make Mr X’s Mental matter prone to its acceptance. In either case it will worsen Mr X, and instantaneously spread in the entire neighbourhood of the originator. This neighbourhood can be as little as 50 yards or as large as thousands of miles and shall compare itself with every sentient & non sentient being. It shall carry out the same task of comparison & effect. Subsequently, it shall fall back to the originator. Since the originator has originated this thought, he has the exact vibration of the thought and thus the thought will boost his vibration & make him stronger in the particular aspect of the thought.

We have seen that a very simple negative thought “Mr X is a corrupt person” has triggered such a severe aftermath; On the other hand if it were an opposite thought, say “Mr X is an honest person”, all actions discussed earlier shall be reversed?

Still chaotic could be; imagine a continuous gossips, that so ignorantly are indulged in, generate how enormous maladies. Any wild & slandering statements like “these police chaps are so & so” or “Our politicians are so & so” are actually making the named people that, which we think of them. And it is not left at that, the entire manifestation of every being is also affected in the process.

There is yet another kind of thought; these are non-directed thoughts, which have only life and affect but no directability. For example, we keep thinking irrelevant and keep dumping these thoughts aimlessly around and leave them alone when our body moves away. These kind of accumulated thoughts create psychic garbage & spawn general sufferings to all the beings in the vicinity. We ourselves are prone to such psychic garbage, for, it persistently affects our aura. A little word of advice, if we keep our mind engaged continuously, no psychic garbage can affect us, because, it can only intrude an idle mind. Keep the mind occupied fully in whatever we are doing and hence the importance of living meditation. Did I say something?

Now, where are we? We started with the statement, “It is not our words; it is our life that affects people”. Let me repeat verbatim my statement a little while ago, and that is “our continual procreating of Astral & Mental vibrations that are constantly acting and reacting to every single stimulus irrespective of its vicinity or the nature. And that happens to be a nonstop phenomenon, all the time waking or sleeping. These vibrations are not only the instant communicational entities, but also exceptionally affective. The communications thus generated through these vibrations are most accurate & non-failing. The effect is always certain & instantaneous.”

And if we put it on the Scales of Karmas, what are we generating for ourselves. Law of Karma states, ‘What a person sows, a person reaps”. We generate sufferings for not only ourselves but also for the entire manifestation. We know most of the Gossips indulged in are only for momentary pleasures and there is seldom truth in them. J Krishnamurty has advised, “Never speak ill of anyone; refuse to listen………….Gently say: perhaps this is not true, and even if it is, it is kinder not to speak of it.”

A famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi, “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” He said, “My life is my message.” Our each action affects all others. An apt statement -we can only give what we already have within ourselves. If we have goodness within ourselves we can spread goodness all around and similarly otherwise.

What we have concluded is that we need to become ourselves, the way we wish everybody else to be. We need to re-furbish our Astral & Mental bodies so as to generate positivity & goodness all around us.

We want an efficient, united, corruption-free, prosperous, truly educated and just Humanity. But have we thought what Humanity needs from us? Humanity needs transformed people with vision.

At the end, I wish you all to join me for a simple prayer that can create a marvellous change in the entire manifestation –
May all the Sentient Beings, all the Beings, who are directly or indirectly helping the Divine Plan of Evolution, be blessed with Vigour & Energy. So Be It. May all the Sentient Beings, all the Beings who are directly or indirectly obstructing/opposing or are ignorant about the Great Divine Plan of Evolution be blessed with Wisdom so as to enable them to come on the Path. Some simple suggestions:
• How do I eradicate corruption?
“There is nothing known as corruption. If there is any corrupt person, it is I, since if I abet corruption then only corruption can be there.” So? • How do I make others good?
“By correcting my own vision. For, every other is just perfectly manifested, if it appears to me otherwise, I need to introspect why I am not able to see the perfection in it”.
• How do I improve my vision?

“When we come into contact with the other person, our thoughts and actions should express our mind of compassion, even if that person says and does things that are not easy to accept. We practice in this way until we see clearly that our love is not contingent upon the other person being lovable”.

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