Let us stop chasing the mirage

— Anandraj

From the moment of its creation, our planet had its day started with the rise of Sun. Our ancestors started their work by day and returned home by night. Now there is no actual beginning of day. Man is working round the clock. The present economic crisis has also worsened the living conditions of people. Even during the dead of night, people could be seen travelling to their work places.

From dawn to dusk, people of all ages, gender and economic sections are working hard. People are restless, tensed and no face reflects peace. They are relentlessly chasing a mirage. What is that they are chasing? Is it peace, happiness or health? The answer is NO. This mirage differs from person to person. For some, it is money; for some, it is power; and for some, it is better employment.

All working class – be it Government Officials, I.T. professionals or ordinary workmen, every employee has a target to reach, that too within a short span of time. They have a sword hanging over their heads, which forces them to forget sleep, hunger and rest, and toil round the clock. With abundant labour force available, private companies follow the principle “perform or perish”. Small businessmen like grocers, tailors and vendors live even more pathetic life in view of stiff competition.

This pressure does not end with grownups alone. Even students are not spared. Today, parents have become so demanding that the words “pressure” and “tension” are freely used even by kids. High marks and placement in MNCs are pushing the kids to strain a lot. This pressure has crushed many buds before they could blossom into beautiful flowers.

Be it an employee or a student, those who have reached their target, are in no mood to celebrate, as they have exhausted all their energy – physically as well as mentally, on their path to victory. Their next target is set a little higher than the previous one. This type of target fixing goes on and on.


Technology, which is supposed to have lessened our burden, has indeed increased it. Cellphones and laptops have become indispensable part of our lives. Though their usefulness cannot be denied they have robbed our leisure and extended our working hours.

These gadgets accompany us everywhere from dining table to bedroom. We do not even enjoy a social gathering peacefully. We check for missed calls and mails every now and then. In this meaningless pursuit, we have also lost our friends and relatives. By the time an individual realizes the fact that he/she has missed many important aspects of life, he/she would be sitting before a marriage counselor or psychiatrist or a spiritual leader. As regards spiritual leaders, less said the better. Though there are true souls still, bad apples outnumber them.

I feel, in dislodging marriages, dowry has been pushed to second place. The first place is won by ego/misunderstanding. Rather than resorting to counseling and putting the relationship back on track, many couples opt to dissolve their marriage by mutual consent, which is a bad sign for a country like India, where marriage is considered a very pious relation.

Today, intolerance, suicide, broken relationship and diseases are on a rise. About a decade ago, it was only old people who suffered heart attack. Now, even people in their thirties and forties suffer this fatal attack. We should ask for ourselves when was the last time we had a peaceful meal, without any disturbing thoughts. Our eating habit has also changed to a shocking extent. We see pride in having junk food and colas, betraying our traditional nutritious food.

Working hard is one thing and working hard with a time bomb wrapped around us, is another. It is high time that we take a break, have a re-look at our life; analyze, change and enjoy it in a more meaningful manner. Presently, we are switching on to a self-destruction mode every morning, even without our knowledge. In a way, we all are playing the role of Ethan Hunt, doing Mission Impossible. Therefore, employers and parents owe a major duty in taking pressure off the shoulders of the suffering lives.


God has created us and gifted this wonderful earth only to enjoy life in a meaningful way. God has not set any target for us to reach. His only expectation is that we do not destroy nature. Let us shed our hunger for power and money. Let us learn to live the rest of our life in a peaceful manner.

About the Author
Anandraj is a freelance writer and writes articles to newspapers. He is a firm believer in God and his writings focus upon humanity, human rights and struggle of poor people.

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