Life is in the spirit

— Harmit Ahuja

This writing is inspired by my recent experience after participating in “Dev OM’s lifespirit festival @ Rishikesh” and my own philosophical inner urge to share my findings on Life and Spirit with a wider audience than ones immediate circle of family and friends.

There is a big leap between ‘Knowing’ and ‘Living’!
During more than quarter of a century of my peregrinations as a marketing professional and my struggle with riddles of “life” and “spirit”; When tried to find out reasons for my very existence on this earth, uniqueness of my life’s journey and challenges associated with it, my mind got loaded with questions that demanded answers . As the time passed, my confusion started lifting slowly and gradually but my search for all the answers has not ended altogether.

A glimpse into aspirations, ambitions and feelings of the people I have met has definitely helped me in forming an approximate view of human stress, insecurity, confusion, distorted relationships, hunger for personal gains, name, fame, power, problems that human beings face one after another etc etc. I am also convinced that in the face of any threat to my inner peace and energy levels due to perceptions and beliefs born out of my general conditioning, ego, enmity, jealousy, hatred, competitiveness, anger etc, it is found that it’s time for me to take immediate corrective action or else face devastation.

Life is as you make it…..
Ego is a state of mind of false understanding wherein the mind feels disconnected, insecure and uprooted from the real SELF – ‘Divine Consciousness (Atma, Soul, Spirit). To counter & balance various inner conflicts, the mind seeks worldly securities, love, appreciation and recognition from others. The quest for attainment of these desires or the fear of losing them invariably starts building up of tension and anxiety within us. When the mind gets into this situation, we automatically start drifting towards “Moh” or worldly attachments. Moreover, we are led to create a totally false image of self and others in our mind. In this degenerative process, the development of our ‘Soul’ or ‘Atma’ takes a back seat and is propelled into an ever shrinking mode.

To enable Atma/Soul to combat Ego in hijacking control of our mind forcing us to live in the past or future , it is essential that energy inputs for Atma/Soul/Spirit are stepped up to fill our mind with “Soul Intelligence”, bringing us back to live in the present instead of past or future. I am not the body or even the mind…….

If you are not the body or even the mind, then who are you? I am the Soul or Atma and all living beings share the same Atma showing a basic connection. Atma is immortal and does not fade away like the body, which is mortal. According to the Law of Karma, if we are carrying the baggage of unfulfilled desires when we die, the Soul must take a rebirth in another body, live a full life and die again. This agonizing cycle goes on till no outstanding desire remains unfulfilled.Then only the Soul is released into the Universe. The wise are unanimous in saying that nothing on this earth is so valuable and worthy so as to justify us getting into this cycle of re- births and deaths.

We function at two levels: 1) Body and Mind, where Ego rules and 2) Soul and Energy, where the Compassion/Consciousness rules. Ego invariably reaches the mind before the Soul does & starts feeding on our emotions right away. All through the life, we are gratifying our ego one way or the other and have miserably failed to address the needs of our inner-being. Most of the time our mind puts the responsibility for our dissatisfaction and frustrations onto our life situations or ‘Karmic Life-Set ups’, as they are called. But if you are an honest and truthful seeker, you come under a ‘Divine-Protection-System’ in which Karmic life-setup ceases to be a hindrance. We get transformed to cope with obstructions and feel all-empowered.

“I walked through all the gates you kept opening for me. Then I knew, there is no other side……..”

Our experiences about the world of spirituality are entirely personal. All of us are in quest of peace but peace eludes us. One feels that peace is somewhere outside whereas it is already inside our own self. One only feels happy momentarily but the very next moment, misery is back again. In order to remain in the state of perennial bliss and state of intoxication with supreme joy, one has to understand and grasp the inner working of the mind.

The world is full of sorrows but the Soul knows no sorrow, joy, good or bad, virtue or sin. Ego drives us to pose as “doers” but in fact, we are no “doers”. We are just objective observers of whatever is happening to the body and mind because all the going-ones are in an automation mode. Therefore, do not try to attach ‘I’ to anything but instead train yourself to stay aware of whatever is going on, live every moment of it, neither run away from it nor cling to it,……just live with a sense of awakening and consciousness. Do not treat ego as oxygen, without which we just cannot live. It is only when Ego dies that ‘Eternal Bliss’ survives. In this state, we transform our sufferings into peace. Mind, by itself does not have the capacity to recognize the truth. So, just observe whatever is going on in the mind as an objective observer alone……. don’t fight with it but do not let it win, because if the mind wins, you lose. It’s interesting, that as soon as you drop the ‘I’ and be an observer, the mind quietens in no time giving you supreme peace.

Past is history and future is fantasy …..
Learn to live only the existing moment, be it joy, grief, sickness, anger, attachment or fear. We can learn a lot from a child in this regard. A child always lives in the moment with originality, bothering little for the surroundings. He has no ambitions, no fear and no worry. His life is full of love, celebration. That is why the child is known as the image of God. Why can’t we also surrender to ‘God’ and be HIS ‘child’? For complete surrender, you just live in the moment with full ‘consciousness and awareness’ by just being an observer.

The purity of mind ……
Have you noticed that mind never asks us for things that we already have but goads us for only those which we don’t have. Make it a habit to observe the mind constantly i.e while walking, talking, eating, drinking, working, in office. In this way, you will see the mind gradually settling down to calm and its restlessness will slowly disappear.

We remove the waste of our body everyday but our mind remains littered with so much of garbage. As long as we do not cleanse our mind from this waste, we shall remain ill-at-ease. We should first recognize the dirt in the mind and then get rid of it. Always keep your mind clean because you never know when God descends there.

How to remove Ego:
Ego can be removed by living in the moment when the mind is totally still. This may be achieved by indulging in laughter, crying, dancing, singing, physical exercise, expression of love or meditation. The aim is to make the mind still, blow away all thoughts and be at peace with yourself.

Life is in one’s own spirit ……….
You have identified yourself with your body alone and cared for it throughout life knowingly that one day it will turn into ash. Recognize your real SELF while you live because bliss lies in this recognition. Make yourself top most priority and spend only a portion of your energy on people who matter to you. You are just a drop in the Ocean and when a drop is taken out of the Ocean, nothing changes. Similarly, life goes on undisrupted without you.

Remember it’s only when you are at peace and exude positivity, you will be able to help others achieve this. That is, if you have decided to take your first step in this quest with full dedication and consciousness, you will attain peace

The only thing constant in the ‘Universe’, is that it is evolving and as a part of ‘Universe’ we too need to keep evolving. This can’t be done if you are not exposed to problems and challenges in life. The sooner we realize these problems are meant to evolve us and make our soul grow, taking us to the higher levels of spirituality and a state of complete consciousness, we will start to feel better. Respect and love everyone by all means and remember that every individual is endowed with the same spirit……

About the Author
Harmit Ahuja is the founder of Skillset. He has 31 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development with extensive experience with major corporations engaged in manufacturing, distribution and retail in the automotive and engineering industries in India and abroad.

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