MARS-THE Mangal –logical view

— Dushyant K. Ajabia

Mangal=Mars in Horoscope, when disposed in certain PRESCRIBED positions, is believed to be MANGAL-DOSH according to Indian Astrological Scriptures. The Horoscope has 12 houses. If Mars is disposed in 1st, 4th, 7th ,8th, or 12th house of the horoscope, it is said to be Mangalik Kundali/Mangal/Mangal-dosh.

When Mangal-dosh exists in the horoscope, ancient scriptures of Astrology advise to marry with such a person who is also having Mangal-dosh in his/her horoscope. Mangal must be taken against Mangal; so is taken for granted in such a manner that even the people who do not know ABCD of Astrology will also make the same statement= Mangal must be taken against Mangal….!!!

Though there are 24 exceptions for the above rule about Mangal-dosh, very few astrologers know adequately about those exceptions. Therefore, hardly 2% astrologers will allow Mangalik Kundali for matrimonial relation against Non-Mangalik Kundali.

Also there are few wrong and baseless beliefs about Mangal that the girl may get widowhood if she has Mangal and the boy will lose his longevity in case he marries a Mangalik girl..!! …!

Actually the sense behind matching Mangal with Mangal in both the horoscopes was something different. Actually, when Mangal/Mars is disposed in 1st, 4th, 7th , 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope; that is; if Mangal-dosh is there, the person(male/female) is born with sexual desires some what more intensed and in more quantum compared to other average persons(not having Mangal). The whole building of marriage-life is based on “sexual relation” between husband-wife and hence it is obvious that the balance of sexual intensity in between the couple is essential (though not inevitable…!). Therefore, the person having such position of Mangal should marry with the person having similar position of Mangal; so that the difference of sexuality won’t cause any complications in marital life. So was the straight and logical idea while advising to match Mangal with Mangal…!!

Also, according to astrological scriptures; Mangal-dosh is considered to get decreased after the age of 27 years, because automatically the sexual desires get controlled and intensity generally goes less gradually along with the age. (it is medical science-approved fact that sexual intensity is maximum and uncontrolled between ages 18 to 25, in general; of course…! )

It is also cited in those scriptures’ predictive chapters that “if Manglik and Non-Mangalik get married and if 7th house=house indicating matrimonial happiness, is not afflicted much by malefic planets or is protected by some benefic planet like Jupiter, such couple will have differences/quarrels up to the age of 27(girl’s age) if marriage takes place before the age 27th , but then onwards, they will be happy with each-other; in gradual course.”

Thus, Mangal-dosh is highly misconstrued by people and even by so-called astrologers too. Astrological scriptures have described 24 exceptions for Mangal-dosh. If any of these 24 planetary combinations exists in any obviously Mangalik looking kundali, the Kundali is not to be considered as a Mangalik, as no negative effect of being Mangalik will be seen in the life of such native. Kundali, therefore, is not to be believed as “MANGALIK”; just because Mars is disposed in 1st, 4th, 7th , 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope(the basic rule of Mangal-dosh.).

There is one more mal-practice running these days in the field of astrology, and it is to forfeit Mangal by Shani or Rahu or Sun….! That is, if opposite kundali to be matched is not Mangalik, and Saturn/Rahu/Sun is disposed in similar position like Mars(= if disposed in 1st, 4th, 7th , 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope), it is as good as Mangal against Mangal….!!!

In fact, if Saturn/Rahu/Sun is disposed like Mars (= if disposed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope), the result will be less sexual desire and lower intensity (even frigidity in case of Saturn’s position; and perverted sexual behaviors-like lesbian/homo- in case of Rahu’s position; and psychological impotence/no interest because of spiritual/religious complex/ideology due to Sun’s similar position).

That is, if a Mangalik kundali is matched with Shani(or Rahu or Sun)-kundali as explained above, the chances of ruining/spoiling marital life will increase…!!

In short, remember the following points while dealing with Mangal-dosh or whenever Mangalik kundali matching issue occurs:-

1. General prediction of Mangal in Kundali is “late marriage=marriage may be delayed up to the age of 27”. This is observed coming true in 90% of Mangalik Kundalies. Nothing more negative than such delay is observed in Mangalik people’s life.

2. Mangal-dosh has not much functional value/power if the girl’s age is above 27 and boy’s age is above 30. Ages to be understood as average ages…! Not exact type…!

3. Mangal-dosh must be confirmed by some reliable astrologer, especially to confirm that there is no exception-combination (out of prescribed 24) also exists in the kundali, nullifying Mangal-dosh.

4. It is not essential in all the cases of match-making kundalies to have Mangal in both the kundalies. If other matrimonial aspects match well, Mangal alone cannot bring any adverse effect in marital life.

5. If genuine and exception less Mangalik kundali is to be matched, never to compromise with Shani/Rahu/Sun –having kundali instead of Mangalik kundali.

6. Only Mangal-dosh has no capacity to ruin or spoil one’s marital life or to make the girl widow or kill the husband/wife.

7. When Mangal-dosh/Mangal exists in one’s kundali(=when mars disposed in 1/4/7/8/12 house), it provides so many good results like enthusiasm, vitality, dynamic personality, good driving skill, medical and surgical skills, fighting spirit, positive thinking, optimism, detective talent, some outdoor sports talent, progress in public life, landed properties/benefits through lands/mines-minerals, engineering expertise in some and some branch of technology, martial art and body building, success in police/army field, adventures, fame, finance, and so many good results-one or more can be found in a Mangalik Boy/Girl.

8. Wearing Mars-stone to avoid Mangalik influence is also a wrongpractice running in our society, as wearing Mars-stone will increase the reception of the vibrations of Mars and consequently the qualities/vices caused by Mars will also increase instead of decreasing.

9. It is hoped, that the above information about Mangal will suffice your curiosity about Mangal….(astrologically) and enlighten the truth about Mangal with logical explanations of everything concerning it.

So, we need not be afraid of Mangal….! It is not completely malefic. In fact, there is no planet among 9, that may result only positive things, all the planets provide some and some negative aspect on our life, we have to accept it if we do not want to lose the positive results of that planet. Destiny is like this, no one can be happy or unhappy in totality…! This truth is supported by Astrology, when we study it honestly and deeply, sincerely.

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