Mantra of Life: Know Thyself and BE Thyself

— Sushmita

The mantra, chanted within the deepest recesses of being, known or unbeknownst, gnawing, knocking, poking, and even pleading, calls out thus.... And so long, it is not heard and adhered, received and acknowledged, accepted and reciprocated, the callings continue, in myriad ways, with pangs and pains—of desperation and frustration, acrimony and cynicism, causing perspirations, perceiving conspiracy of all sorts—discontent, the content of life, engulfing and choking.... It is all about reciprocation, and so is, that which is. Thus, a single proverb describes the verve of and verb that life is: As you sow, so you reap.

We love to blame, things and beings, looking askance at our place and position in life—but not at our own stance—feeling displaced and dispossessed, and this, happens, despite the material affluence, academic excellence, professional elevations, and a soaring career-graph. Something seems to be missing, even though nothing appears amiss. The missing link, as is missed, we keep missing it, searching for what is amiss.... This gap, felt, serves as a boon in disguise, as in searching for what is amiss, we realize, what it is for: for giving the true self a miss, being in a disguise, being all but self....

Yes...finding and being “i,” the real “i,” is the mantra. That “i,” which the eyes cannot see, but the heart feels, though the mind negates, till, it can no longer, the longing of the “i” for the sense of belonging, being, no longer suppressible or repressible, absolutely irresistible. This, is the primal surge of life, and thus the urge, and hence, appears, even arcane, and mystically, too. Yet, when the mystery dissolves, of the identity of being, and accepted is the same, unconditionally, all problems are solved, dissolution absolute, with commissioning absolute to the mission of realizing the mantra....

Self-knowledge is the sole knowledge, we are here for—and the sole knowledge that presents us with the knowledge of all—and self-realization, the sole purpose, and hence, the mantra.... And as one becomes aware of self, and thus, of one’s role and place unique in this infinite tapestry of life, the intricate patterns weaved—manifesting as the events and moments, things and beings, we come across—life acquires an entirely different meaning. Along with, as is realized the mechanism of life, acknowledged is the proverb, accepted is everything as pro to the verb that life is, with self as the cause and the caused. Blamed are none, anymore....

A seed...does it blame anyone? It germinates, and wobbles, steadies, branches out...or, its progress might be terminated even before that. Whatever be the case, whether it grows or grows not, it knows, to stand and withstand is its own stand, besides the nurturing, as, despite everything else remaining the same, externally, what it is and how it adapts and attunes, internally, creates its subsequent reality, all, dependent on the inner reality, the real...the rest, superficial.

Nothing comes to form, till we inform the unified energy field, of the same, with projection of thoughts, conscious or unconscious, intentions intense or otherwise, the otherwise leading to results, too, otherwise.

Nothing happens by chance, as everything happens by the choice, conveyed, consciously or otherwise: our thoughts...deepest desires, even if not fully embraced but merely mused wistfully. Truth of self, acknowledged, the true calling, embraced, one’s real vocation is no longer kept on vacation, but, given a voice by expressing it. Realized is the simplicity of the mechanism of life: Reciprocity, all the way, with, there being no other way.... And as is realized, so is shared, spontaneously, as, being the truth is concomitant to exuding the truth. Realized is the fact: Life is as individual as collective it is.

We all are an integral part of one another’s journey, in one way or the other, directly or indirectly, whether we know or not. And when we know, we accept each appearance as divine grace, gracing the path—the Divine, guiding to, on and through the path, merged with It consciously, emerging, as It, self-realized, God-realized.

For that, we needn’t go anywhere, and needn’t resort to anybody else, as all resides within...the Divine, the Life Force, God...the very essence that we are...and to Which, we connect, as we connect to the deepest yearning, for self-expression, in the unique ways it wishes to express, in keeping with the expression it is of the Source: could be writing, painting, music, teaching, healing, engineering...anything it could be. And as the same is acknowledged and embraced, unconditionally, with gratitude and humility, surrendered to, self-acceptance absolute, life opens up, like never before—one truly comes to life, aligned with the Life Force that courses through, allowing It a free flow.... One feels the subtle difference from the prior state, ways, of being. One realizes one had been spending and not living, one’s life: an infinite blessing, opportunity to actualize, and thus honor, one’s creation, by expressing the divinity one is, one’s unique creativity.

Saying yes, to self, is not selfish. It is about saying yes to the self real: that, which the eyes cannot see, yet, to make visible which, one is in form. Avenues open up, magically.... And these are no theoretical and intellectual observations. Life is fully experiential, as, it is through the experiences and their evolution, that the self is realized. These are experiences, shared. And so is acknowledged: The magical, mystical, natural grace that popped in the mailbox on October 18, 2014, from imantra, requesting the contribution of articles.

When one gives oneself, fully, to one’s truth and the divine calling, unconcerned about the results and apparent contradictions, moving with and as absolute faith, the manifestation of faith, as sown, is reaped, unfailingly, consciously. Life never fails to deliver that, which we sow....

As, the reaped affirms the sown, so reiterates science: As is the energy, so is the materialization. And we are blessed to be moving through that phase of the eternal lifecycle when science, art, philosophy, metaphysics, parapsychology...and all diverse fields, emerge as merged and melded with spiritual and eternal truths of life, recorded thousands and thousands of years ago.... It is science coming to age, and in this new age, as the ageless divine essence of being is being acknowledged, en masse, so is, the infinite potential, that we, as unique seeds of creation, in varied stages of growth, behold and incubate, and is called forth by our own selves, the real “i”—to grow, and outgrow all perceived fetters, shattering all those shattering life-denying beliefs....

“I Can...and I Will, as I Am That I Am...the divine packet of energy, unique and infinite,” is a strong affirmation, of will, of trust, that never goes for a toss, wilts not...guiding, all the way....chanting the mantra...being the mantra...leading by example, living as the being one is....

The onus of our life is on us, always.... As we perceive and receive ourselves, so is our life conceived and delivered to us, by us. Life calls out, from within and without: “Know thyself and be thyself: the sole mantra, the sole purpose of life. So, be it.” So be it!

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Originally a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry - Transformed into a writer out of passion and now she is a freelance Editor of books.

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