Mishaps reaffirm mission in life

— Sumit Paul

A very good runner lost both the legs in an accident. When he was in the hospital, a visitor asked him, 'Now that you have lost both the legs, how will you run?' The runner said, ' I have lost my legs, not my hands.' I will use my hands to the fullest. Running is not the only option I'm left with.' Indeed he did, what he thought and promised. He began to paint and soon became a very good painter and earned more fame as a painter than a runner that he was with both his legs intact. All is not lost. We never know, what's in store for all of us. If one door is closed, another door is open. And that door often proves to be better than the previous one!!

It's because of the so-called adversities and misfortune, do we understand our true potential. Pratikool paristhiti pryogam pravid (Adversities keep testing an individual, till he/she attains the perfection). Tapkar aag mein ek din sona banta hai kundan (The fire heats up gold and elevates it to 24 karat). That runner would never have come to know that he could paint as well, had he not lost his legs. It doesn't mean that one must lose one's limbs to realise his/her true potential.


The point is: There's no end to exploring, what one is blessed with. Most of us curse and give up after losing something in life, until we realise that we needed to get rid of that we're now craving over. Opportunities keep coming but they come in disguise and are often veiled. The English proverb 'Blessing in disguise' has a deeper meaning. A blessing or boon seems a bane at first blush. But with the passage of time, that very bane turns into a boon. Nothing in life is useless. Even a seemingly worthless person or object may carry a volcano of opportunities, a repertoire of chances and a cornucopia of insightful lessons. Once, a disciple of Gautam Buddha asked him, 'Master, look at this convict, who's being led to the gallows for his series of wrongdoings. Don't you think, his life has been totally meaningless and mired in crimes?' The enlightened Buddha smiled and said, 'Dear Vaishampayan, how can you condemn this man who's being taken to be hanged? Isn't his life a lesson to all that they mustn't emulate him to face the same fate? In a way, he is a teacher and his life is a direction for others not to repeat his mistakes.' Vaishampayan was speechless. He could fathom the depth and dignity of an individual's life, however insipid and vapid it may seem to the world around.

Life offers endless opportunities and every mishap carries a greater mystery that slowly unfolds to give a meaning to life. The great Persian mystic poet Sanai (1081-1131 AD) rightly said, 'Hayaat imkalaam choon ast muamma' (Life talks to us in the language of riddles and conundrums). Life indeed is very enigmatic. It's Sphinx. We've to decipher the latent meanings with great discernment and delicate perceptions.

Nothing comes straightforward and to quote Sir Isaac Newton, hardly anything in life is as simple as 2+2=4. Remember the words of the US poet Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, '' Nothing is wasted, nothing is in vain. The seas roll over but the rocks remain.'' Peel off the veneer of ostensible mission/accident, a slew of opportunities will welcome you with open arms. Avail them to the hilt. 'Saaneha kuchh nahin hota/Har haadisa ek adad mauqa hai' (There's nothing that you can call as an accident/Every so-called accident paves the way for a new and greater opportunity).

One must keep it in mind that a mishap reaffirms our mission in life. Surge ahead in life with a big grin, as big as that of a contended cat! Life remains exciting and full of ebullience till we cease to exist. Live it with all gusto, guts and gumption. There's no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.

About the Author
Sumit Paul is a Poona-based advanced research student of Semitic languages and civilizations. He contributes to world's premier publications and portals in several languages, viz, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, English among others.

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