My Favourite Literary Character that Inspires Me

— Arundhati

I cannot claim to be a Bibliophile but I do love reading books and they can be anything under the Sun. I enjoyed Jeffrey Archer’s Kane and Abel as much as Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. Of the many books I have read recently, and I probably sound clichéd but J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring was perhaps the most riveting and the character of Frodo Baggins was perhaps the most enchanting. As the story unfurled, I felt Frodo Baggins is me, his unwillingness to do anything adventurous and his love for his hobbit hole was so akin to my love for my own hole.

What I loved about the story and about Frodo was the fact that he accepted each and every circumstance that life threw him into, however willing or unwillingly, with a sense of enthusiasm. He had never dreamt of going beyond the Shire, yet life took him, and to his own surprise he found that the adventure that was called “Life” could never have been experienced if he had not dared to step out of his comfort zone.

The immense sense of duty that he displays throughout the story for being selected the ring bearer is also inspiring. I felt that it was this sense of duty that made him risk his own life for the sake of Middle Earth and this selflessness turns him into a Hero. He had neither the beauty, magic or eternal knowledge like the Elves, nor the cleverness of a Wizard like Gandalf, or the valour of Aragon. Yet he touched me to my core with his simplicity, honesty and friendliness. He had undertaken the journey not to gain anything personally but to answer an inner call and to fulfil his duty to the Earth he was born.

This has inspired me so many times to do my duties to my best possible ability; however mundane, difficult, irksome they might have been. It has made me a better friend. The Ring also had its negative influence on Frodo and at one point of time made the simple, loving Frodo, ambitious and vicious but his goodness got the better of him. It made me realise that at heart if we remain simple, friendly and loving, even the lure of power and money cannot change your basic personality, the goodness always shines forth. Hence in those moments when I have felt frustrated for not becoming famous or rich, I have also felt that remaining simple , friendly, humble and having faith in the heart of an Infinite Power are perhaps bigger assets and that made me feel truly rich.

Frodo’s complete distaste for all the adulations is another surprising aspect of his character, which also showed me that adulations after all can also get boring and that finally to be at peace with yourself is our ultimate journey. Frodo inspired me to be a good friend, and to remain simple, value my roots, parents and siblings. Most importantly he inspired me to be dutiful in the roles I have been given.

I realised, that to do each role perfectly, I risk being misunderstood, hated and doubted but what matters at the end of the day is whether it was well intended. It is better not to give too much credence to what people say, naysayers will be plenty, it is important to have faith and belief in one’s own self. I also learnt from Frodo that there is a voice in us that serves as a guide and we should learn to listen to it. It was that inner voice that helped Frodo in his final journey. Ultimately after the storm, when you turn a hero, there will be many who will love you for what you have become and many jealous of your achievements but there will be a generation whom you will inspire to become a hero in their own right.

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Arundhati is a major in Physics ,MBA with major in Marketing, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Programming. She started writing novels for young adults and adults and became a regular contributor to Speaking Tree of Times of India.

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