Plan your work, work your plan

— Bhanu Pradeep

When I was in my early twenties, I began my career in the sales industry. And with that came an endless stream of seminars, regional and national sales meetings, and training sessions. Throughout the thirty plus years I invested in that career, the main thread of all those meetings was organization. How to be organized and optimize your time in preparation, the actual sales, and follow through.

It's really the same with any job that you take seriously and want to succeed in. There has to be a plan of action, implementation of that plan, and follow through or follow up. Otherwise, chaos sets in and like an unwanted relative, does not want to leave.

When you are working for a company, you always have a boss. It's the boss to give you general instructions and a list of what needs to be done that day or week. So, most of the planning is done for you. The specifics are usually left up to you, but there is check on you from time to time to make sure all is going as planned. Quite frankly, this is the motivation for most of us to get our own business.

When you do have your own business, there is no one to do the planning or organizing for you and this is where it can all go down the tube real quick. It all sounds great and so easy to have your own business - all you need is a computer, website, product, and customers and all is wonderful with the world. But if you are not organized and have a plan, you're in trouble.

It is so easy to get side-tracked when you are working on a project. You run into a problem and you have to find an answer and you go from this website to that website and get totally lost in something that should have been rescheduled. The next thing you know, the better part of the day is gone and you have accomplished nothing. You cannot allow this to happen, you have to stay in control.

So, to help with this, here is something a very wise man imparted to me about forty years ago when I was just getting started in sales and I re-found two years ago when I started my internet business [].
Plan Your Work
Work Your Plan

Divide your day into work sessions
Prioritize what needs to be done.
Don't try to accomplish it all in one day.
Allow enough time for each session.
Remove all distractions.
Build in breaks and meal times.
Go to work and get it done.
Try making your list the night before. You'll know what needs to be done the next day. So, prioritize and schedule your list before you go to bed. That will avoid the "what was it I wanted to do today?" syndrome. Just make a few notes for the important things and then fill in the rest the next day. Then go to bed and get a good nights rest.

Start simple until you figure out the work load you can handle without getting overwhelmed. Perhaps five things that need to be done on a daily basis. For example:
Read and sort emails
Check autoresponders
Write article
Submit article to directories
Draft new opt-in page

You can always add to your list, but don't set out to get everything in the whole world done in one day. Not only is this unreasonable, but it can be very discouraging when you fail. Make it possible to check off all the items on your list when you first start out. Then as time goes on, you can move the one or two items that did not get crossed off to the next day's list.

A lot of people will say "well, I already know this". The problem is, they don't do it. All of the people who succeed at what they set out to do use this simple, but effective tool every day. After a short time it becomes a habit, a habit that will help you no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Just so you know, the wise person who passed on this idea to me, is my Dad. In his 42 years of dedicated service in the sales industry, he was consistently number one in his market - every month - every year.

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