— Dr Uttam Dave

When we arrive in this world, people around us are very happy. We are shown to our relatives ,parents` friends, grandparents, neighbours and all the significant others of our parents.

Every individual begins receiving the first dose of love from the mother when she breastfeeds. Her breast is the ultimate form of love we crave and get it as soon as we begin to cry.

As we grow up, if we are lucky ,we keep on receiving love from people around us. Mother feeds us, neighbours play with us, Fathers buy us things, grandparents pamper us, aunts and uncles secretly fulfill our wishes without the knowledge of our parents.

As we reach childhood, we learn to share our love with our brothers and sisters by sharing our toys with them. They too share their love by sharing their toys.

We begin going to kindergarten, then primary and then secondary school. During all these years we give and receive love in the form of sharing our books, lessons, time, recreation, mutual help, clothes ,jokes and things which we have ,but not our friends.

The direct result of giving and receiving love is happiness. Did we give more love? Did we receive less love? Did we have problems in sharing our love? Did we feel any jealousy? None of the above because we never even thought about love or even knew its definition or even knew that it existed within our innocent and beautiful hearts.

We cross adolescence and become adults. We now begin to understand what is love from our own perspective. Most of the times ,our interpretation is narrow, hollow ,limiting and heavily borrowed from love ideas floating around the universe in an impure form. We absorb ,not knowing what we are absorbing is ignorance and not wisdom.

We fall in love with our friend or someone else and forget all that we practiced during our early years of life. We become possessive, jealous and try to confine our love as close as possible to us and as often as possible.

During our childhood and all those years we left behind, our love and happiness came not from one source but several sources-Our parents, relatives, friends, significant others ,teachers and some inspiring souls that touched our lives.

As an adult ,we forget that we cannot provide all the love and happiness that an individual needs to exist in this world. Part of his love and happiness comes from his/her parents, friends, significant others and in different degrees and measures from everyone who touches his/her life in a meaningful way. By confining our love to the boundaries of our heart we block the way of more and more happiness in our lives.

I am lucky to have grasped this lesson early in my life. I am never possessive about my friends no matter how much I love them.

The moment you try to draw boundaries around someone, there will be someone waiting to snatch him or her away outside the boundary. When you give people the freedom to share your love and friendship with others, it makes them responsible for their acts and they begin sharing the love ,keeping in mind that somebody else too is waiting for him or her to add to his/her happiness.

I have a friend who comes from Delhi once a year with a limited time in hand. His time is divided between me and his other friend. Till date ,there has been no problems. We both play our parts to make him happy for we know that his happiness comes from our collective times and cannot come through either of us alone.

We all have 24 hours in which we have to manage our lives on a daily basis. It includes sleep ,work, recreation, eating, rest, planning, chores and so many other unplanned events to take care at the last minute. Does this leave us with lots of time to spend on our object of love.

Our love antennas are not working round the clock and releasing love energy to our beloveds.

Again what is the likelihood that any two people will miss a third person at exactly the same time and both wish to meet him or her at the same time., same date and same place.

Our loved ones are often sitting idle ,not receiving our love waves. How about letting some other antenna spread the love.

Where love has not been shared, it has given birth to wars. Where it has been shared it has given birth to harmony, peace and universal friendliness.

Let us learn to share our love, the happiness will go viral very soon. I LOVE, YOU LOVE, that is the most effective state to be in. Next time try it. I am waiting for your feedback.


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