Satvic Solutions to Satiety

— Swati Dhawan

All that we consume through our life senses is food for us.What we see,what we hear,what we smell,what we touch,what we taste is all food for us.Watching crime,violence,betrayal,bewilderment,multiple relationships in newspapers,magazines,theatre and television mitigates signals of happiness, satisfaction,charity,compassion and coherence in the brain and heart. Using deodarants ,perfumes,itar is also ‘tamasic’ in nature.Whatever the media publicizes is either ‘tamasic’ or ‘rajasic’ in nature and is harmful to cosmic fusion. It retaliates resumption of love.It wards off concurrence with laws of nature and subjugates serendipity.It cuts your connection with the ethereal worlds and pushes you to lower worlds.

Suspended hunger is the cause of hyperglycaemic index and intake of automated junk food and binge eating.It registers in our brain as signals of excessive hunger.It propitiates prolonged hunger.Junk food is ‘tamasic’ in nature since it is processed and full of preservatives.The natural alkaloids and enzymes are lost in the process of making it tasty and crispy.An average human being consumes packed food around 75% and fresh food around 25%.

It stimulates negative emotions like anger, desperation, depression, violence, haughtiness, egocentricity, non cooperation, excessive sexuality, excitement, passion, restlessness, anxiety ,stress and soporification which translate into an aggressive , intolerant and impatient society and culture. It increases the oxidative stress on our organs and causes loss of tonacity of muscles and asymmetry between both sides of the body. Symmetry and tonacity is the law of nature.

We become victims of our habits as we continue this ‘tamasic’ and ‘rajasic’ food.

It de-regulates and depresses our immunity and we suffer from infectious diseases apart from lifestyle disorders like obesity,hycholesterolaemia,diabetes,hypertension,osteoarthritis,cirrhosis of liver,slipped disc,insomnia,depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, premature aging and perishability. It halts the process of regrowth, revival and regeneration in our body. It follows the natural law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and accumulates toxins in our body further leading non productivity and increasing the length of stay in hospitals.

The question then arises what is satvic food?

Anything consumed through our senses after offering it to the LORD with surrender is satvic food..

Satvic food is freshly cooked,seasonable,raw comsumption of fruits and salads(without dressing and spices or even salt).Nature alone decides what we should consume for good health and growth and hence the consumption of seasonable,raw foods and sprouts and freshly cooked cereals and grains..It detoxifies your system and prepares you for physical and mental tapas(austerity).

Listening to ethereal sounds of nature, praise and acts of GOD and watching greenery and acts of LORD and smelling incense sticks and consuming food that is partaken as remnants from offering to GOD(Prasadam), elders, children and guests is ideal.We should ensure that we sleep on hard floor and touch all types of textures with the attitude that this shall also possess is Satvic.

The urge to have tamasic or rajasic food can be curtailed through pratyahara.A simple technique to regulate the urge is to fill your stomach with satvic food at your regular food intervals or biological clock and then consume rajasic or tamasic food.Once your stomach is full you will notice that your intake of rajasic and tamsic food is reduced drastically and you would soon bid adieu to them permanently because you will loose the taste for them and the craving would vanish.

Socially you might be laughed at or excluded but you can use that time to connect with your creator and find concordance which is conclusive and everlasting.

You would notice that you start glowing, your body odour will become more agreeable and pleasant and you would enjoy health.Give your digestive system a break by fasting .It gives rest to the system just like you take a break from your hectic work schedule.

About the Author
Swati is a Holistic and Wellness Consultant and Trainer. .She is the only medical professional in India who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom offering health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation.

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