Shades of black & white

— C. Kruthika Madhuri

Have you ever thought why children are the most loved ones on the earth? The obvious reason would be their innocence. What reply would you expect from them for a question like ‘How’s your going?’ They are too immature to answer. Filled with such innocence, a cute little girl stood beside a pole near the market desperately waiting for her mother. It’s been long time since they were at the market. The girl stood wondering why her mother takes so long at the grocery.

Having decided in her mind that her mother would not turn up for at least one hour, she started moving to a better place where, she felt, is not crowded. Accidentally, she stepped her foot on something. Something that is so sticky. She wondered what it could be. It took no long for a woman of forty, sitting beside to shriek out, at the girl for having spoilt her clay-made toys. The girl stood quite, unknowing of what situation has turned out to be. The woman had said many things which she could not understand. But there were few phrases that pierced right to her heart and started thinking of what that exactly could mean.

The girl with a confused mind, walked off the place. Though she got out of it, she became so restless wanting to know what that woman had said. The phrases were ‘You have put my pain of work into vain’. ‘How will I survive and feed my children if I don’t earn’. ‘You spoiled my fruits of labour’. The girl wondered how clay could mean so much to them and why would that make people survive on earth. It was not too late when she heard a call from her mother and they returned home. During the weekend, they visited their grandpa’s house. She considered her grandpa to be the right person to clear her confusion. The next day, during the morning walk she narrated the whole story and demanded an explanation. Grandpa gave a wild smile and asked her what she knew about life. She replied very innocently ‘Life is what we exist’.

Her grandpa took her near and explained:
‘Life is not just about existence, it is all about how you live it. For simplicity, consider life as mixture of happiness, sorrows and lot more emotions. Life can always be judged under two categories success and failure.


Success makes you feel secure that you are heading to a right direction. Failure helps you learn the proper way to achieve success. Despite these, life teaches the values, morals one has to possess.

All in all, life is different for every individual. It is how you look up to life that matters. Never get carried away by silly assumptions of life. It is an everyday battle for people to work hard, gain their own piece of bread and butter, share among themselves and be grateful to God who has made this life more beautiful. It’s easy to complain, but very tough to understand. Life as a concept can’t explain itself, but life as an experience has it all. Never try to sit and understand what life is, let the life explain you what it is for you and judge your capability to tackle with it. Don’t get excited to know your future, let the life unfold it. Wait, not for time but for the challenges you need to overcome to face a better tomorrow.

People always relate life to a combination of black and white, you either win or lose, you either live or die. It may indeed appear as black and white, but it is all in the process how you make the shades of black and white, brighter and colourful. It is a fact that your destiny determines your destination, but it all lies in the journey, how you experience it and thrive day by day. Accept the combination of black and white, fill your life with colours, mould yourself to face the different shades of it, and reach the destination to the brightest shade ever.’

After having listened to this, the girl’s face charmed like never before. We don’t know how much the girl understood then, but now she dared to share her thoughts with you. This is what life decided to teach her and to know about it at a very tender age. The shades of black and white are no longer colourless, but more vibrant than any another colour.

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