Spirituality spirit of the reality

— Sushmita Mukherjee

Yes…so it is, as “spirit” is the reality of being, the form, the formless embodied, and thus comes to form the form, to fulfill its being in form by conforming solely to the truth of being, the spirit that one is, expressed uniquely, the fulfillment independent of all norms, dependent solely on filling out the “form” of attributes that one is endowed with, by acceptance of, and adherence and absolute commitment to the same. Spirituality leads to the reality of being. Honoring the attributes, the unique gifts, creativity, that one is gifted with, and realizing thus the purpose of being—self-realization—one turns out as a healing turnout for the world at large, as we exude what we are being…. Call it spirit, call it energy…call it consciousness, it matters not, but matters the awareness that we are the cause as well as the caused, as, our life is our awareness made manifest. It is our awareness that makes us invest, our attention and effort, with perseverance, which goes on to manifest—whether we find our life to be infested with pains or with gains, accrued, the latter, subject to our connection to and not severance from, our truth of being.

Awareness is manifestation foretold, as awareness, backed by faith, returns the awareness manifold incremented, as life knows only one way to respond: As we sow so we reap. And in terms of energy, everything…and every being is energy, materialized. We bring to being everything and every being that facilitates or accosts our path, none and nothing, a chance, random occurrence, coincidences none, each and all, divine synchronicity in motion and in formation, as life is a cycle eternally recycled. In terms of spirituality, in terms of energy, the crux conveyed is the same, as that is the reality, expressed in ways unique, and thus, relative to each other. As is the spirit, the soul, birthless, deathless, moving through forms, so is energy, ever-conserving through transformation, never dying or birthing. Life, in the entirety of its essence, always is, and endeavored is the explanation in varied ways, none superior none inferior, none alike, yet, alike on one account: Each is unique. The differences confound and irritate, yet, these are unique representations of energy…every feeling, every emotion, thought, deed…and so it is, as the Source, though one, is infinite, too, and how would It express Itself if not in infinite ways! Diversity is, as unity is…and as unity is infinite! The paradox is inherent, yet, with awareness, the entire process is realized and relished as entirely coherent.

Albert Einstein has conveyed this, with humbling simplicity, through his Special Theory of Relativity (1905), formulated as E = mc2, the most famed equation, and as has presented the mass-energy equivalence, so has also declared, implicitly: Each thing and being is best in its place, none better than the rest, each resting in this equation—either in form material or as the pure energy essence, in the realm of the entirety—as an ingredient unique. Hence, the mantra of life is “Know thyself and be thyself,” as on this “knowing” depends the “gradient” of the journey. And imbued with the same, as is radiant the being so does one’s light shine and guide the path of all fellow beings, the journey, a tribute to the attributes gifted and entrusted with….

My stint as a teacher of organic chemistry, preceded by the academic training in the same, provoked and invoked the realization that when there is an effect, there has to be a cause. And the very scientific provocations led me, ultimately, to reasons even beyond what science still finds difficult to accept. The reasons are not out “there,” but always in “here,” within, and thus, always “now” and “here,” wherever I am! The effects have been realized to be co-existent with the cause, and thus, present, even if not beheld by the sensory perceptions, which, on the other hand, is deemed essential by science, science believing only in the seen, heard, tasted, smelt, touched─the visible, the tangible…as well as the replicable! But then, non-appearance of proofs is so no proof of its non-existence, cause and effect the two sides of the same coin, realized, when one resides with one’s self, siding with the “right brain” and not the “left,” the left, the analytical, left, experiencing the rightness of the right, the intuitive, guiding to the causes, seen or unseen, as self is realized as the cause as well as the caused, with self-ignorance, the cause of all maladies, and self-awareness, the ultimate remedy, effecting the effect: Healing absolute. Led beyond science and the classrooms, by the truth of being, led to the truth of being, writing—received as the grace ultimate of the Source—a communion with the Source, blessed I am to share all with all, with all that is received, dedicated to sharing with all, with the sole wish: Seeing all healed, fulfilled….

And that can happen, only when we take the call, from within… instead of considering how it would all turn out, totally reposed to the truth, with faith absolute in the Source of being, Its unconditional love, guidance untiring, word unwavering, expressing through one’s calling…one’s true vocation…. It is about connecting with the spirit that we are, the unique energy vibe… It is solely essential and thus, sufficing to revive our life, rendering us truly alive, with us functioning truly as a live being, instead of going through the motions, creating commotions, living not, spending, this opportunity that we call life. Spirituality is about connecting with our essential reality, and thus, the sole reality—the soul—guiding to embody it, shedding all superficialities, including the illusory limitations. With us being unique expressions, how can the truth of being, unique to being, be ensured realization by rituals merely…and by the consensus thinking? The unbound spirit cannot be bound by anything (though rituals may serve for some).

Truth is a matter of resonance and not inheritance, and led we are to and through self-exploration to the same, and so have the realized beings ever-affirmed. Path is our own, but we own none and nothing; it is the awareness that is called forth to unconditionally accept and commission to one’s truth of being. Nothing else can serve the purpose of being as nothing else is the purpose of being. The allure of the superficial thus plunges one in failures while commitment to truth re-contextualizes the failures as stepping stones as well as milestones on this path, lured neither by contradictions nor corroborations, immersion absolute in the path of purpose fulfilling the purpose of the path of life.

Einstein thus calls out:

“Everybody is a genius. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing [that] it is stupid.”

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
“Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized.”
William Shakespeare affirms, in yet another unique way:
“God has given you one face, you make yourself another.”
“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.”

So it is, and thus, the truth, without swaying, pours out through William Wordsworth:
“Every great and original writer, to the extent he is original and great, must himself create the taste by which he is to be relished.”
The truth of originality, guides one, fully, trusting absolutely, as he further notes: “Faith is a passionate intuition.”
It is faith, in one’s originality, oneness with the Source of being, which guides one all the way, overriding, transcending the views external, knowing, only being true to one’s own self matters, nodding with George Bernard Shaw, as he says: “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” Understanding of self leads one to understand the stand taken by others—remaining uninfluenced by the same, at the same time. The uniqueness of truth, truly, is stranger than fiction, yet, Mark Twain says why it is so: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

And thankfully, truth is stronger, too, than fiction!
Truly…and thus, chanting and being the mantra, the truth of self, as healed is all that ails, without fail, faith failing never, one beholds the beauty all-around, finding it in the variety of uniqueness, as one upholds the beauty of truth that one is, in tune with truth, in tune with intuition, in tune with John Keats, as he beats as his true “beat,” extolling: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”

The reality of being…—the spirit that one is—spirituality, unbound, leads one to, and thus, to divine creativity, within, spirited always dispirited never, invoking: “So, be it!” And is affirmed, absolutely firm: “So be it!”

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Originally a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry - Transformed into a writer out of passion and now she is a freelance Editor of books.

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