— Dr. George Thomas

As I entered the Spiritnet café, I was recognized by the RFID sensor. “Welcome Thomas” a bioluminescent ticker displayed my name in a firefly hue. Below this the time and date were displayed. 10 am, 13th November 3014. “3 more days to complete the story” I mused. Will I get some idea today?

I saw an empty seat and occupied it. I put on the Spiritnet helmet and turned on the power. Information would be downloaded straight into my brain and I could communicate my thoughts straight into the Spiritnet. For newcomers, this is the new avatar of what was once called Internet and harnesses the power of thought.

These public machines are no good. My system is the popular DeNovo brand. It makes some buzzing noise and generates some heat. We cannot use it continuously. I prefer the Apricot. But all the Apricots were occupied. The booting up took time. I could see variegated flashes like the fortification spectra of a migraine attack. I thought as hard as I could. Get me iMantra spirit page. Bad luck. My mind was telling me the page cannot be displayed. The machine seemed to be telling me “The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your thought settings”. It also gave a few advices like “If you imagined the site, make sure that it is thought correctly”. OK. In the meanwhile I thought of sending a Spiritmail.

My favorite is Wahoomail. “Get me Wahoomail” I thought. Wahoomail was displayed. I thought of my login “thomas99” and remembered my passthought. The passthought has to be the weirdest thought so that no one may use it. My passthought was “a mosquito flying to planet Po in the A1689-zD1 galaxy and biting Mr. Xing”. (I hope you the reader will not use it to access my Wahoomail!) There were 2 spam messages from Hades Inc. Although I have a Scripture antivirus installed, we must really be careful of the sin virus. I wished to delete them and lo! They were erased. “Compose mail” I thought. I started thinking of the stuff I wanted to tell my friend Hari. “Hari, remember our days together at the medical school. When are you coming here? I am waiting to see you. We are all fine”. Hari will get all my thoughts with visual images as I thought. That’s the power of the Spiritnet!

Now, I must get back to iMantra spirit page. And this time I am lucky. “Share your ideas on the future of healing!” the site seemed to tell me. The article should be composed in Macrosoft Thought. That was OK. I had this program loaded in my brain earlier. And wow! This time there is a prize for the best article. The winner gets a latest Gyrus Uranium implant. This is a small information device to be implanted under the scalp. Of course, it comes with Epicrates medical software.

This contains the entire medical information making it unnecessary to go to a medical school. Think diabetes symptom – and you will know the symptoms. Or think of side effects of iron nanoparticle. You will know it in an instant! Even a common man could get medical information at the speed of thought. This has much more information than the Dr. Watson computer developed in the 21st century. As a medical practitioner, this would be helpful. I could have an edge over others. I was determined I should get the prize.

But I was not getting any idea. I was worried that someone would hack into my brain and steal my thought process. You see, Spiritnet is in its infancy and very insecure. Any one could hack into your thoughts once you are connected. Be careful of thinking about punching your jerk of a boss or having a romance with your female colleague. Your boss or wife could be online and accessing your thoughts. Meanwhile, an idea started dawning on me. Why not use Spiritnet for medical healing?

Eureka! The idea came as a relief. My Gyrus Uranium could be on the way. In this age people are getting fed up of stem cell and cloning techniques. Biotechnology which was created for healing and a better life has deteriorated the quality of mankind. Weird types of humans are being produced because of these techniques. Of course you can use them as slaves to do mundane work. But the problem is their capacity to reproduce. Already quite a number of these bioengineering disasters are let loose and in future they could pose danger. Of course, the problem is not as much as depicted by the ancient fictional character Frankenstein’s Monster.

We have already eaten of the Tree of Knowledge mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. The knowledge explosion with information technology has been a boon but has created many problems of its own. As some of our ancestors have said “Knowledge is power” and at the same breath they say “Ignorance is bliss”. But now we have started tinkering with the Tree of Life. These emerging biotechnology products are getting out of control. So my idea could win the prize!

Of course the idea is not new. Even during the era of early moon exploration they had conceived of such mind and body connection. But they could not make a technology to implement it. Now that the technology is available we could use it to heal. Basically it involves being connected to the Spiritnet. With instant thought messaging we could convey specific thought to affect specific regions of the body. Like the primitive Chinese medicine with Yin-Yang acupuncture points, we have to make a database of thoughts. That is child’s play with the technology we have now. Next we should classify these thoughts and correlate them with disease. That also would be simple. An international clinical trial would tell us which thought could heal which disease. A combination of thoughts could also be used. These could be used to heal diseases. Log on to a personal friend or physician and he could heal you with specific thoughts. The only problem, do not log on to your enemy - he could make it worse! But that would not be a problem if we could follow what Jesus said 3000 years before – love your enemies and do good to them that hate you.

I composed my article in Thought and posted it.
I came out of the Spiritnet café. END

About the Author
Dr. George Thomas is a cardiologist practicing in Kochi, India. He has published scientific papers in national and international journals. He has also written public interest articles in leading publications.

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