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We may not have the power to control everything, but we must have that passion to go out and make things happen.

To achieve any type of goal in life, it is very important to make two types of efforts. Firstly, efforts have to be made in setting up goals. Many a time we fail in setting a goal, as a result we end up confused and lost. Some of us have backup plans which create an easy way out. When time gets tough, they do little good to us. One will work a lot harder and longer if the primary plan simple has to work because there is no other option. Total commitment without a safety net will spur you to work harder and harder in achieving what you truly desire for. Secondly, efforts should be made to work the plan that has been put up. One can be good with a little effort, but can’t be really great at anything unless the individual puts up an incredible amount of focused effort in achieving it.

With every good thing that comes our way and with every new day to fulfill our dreams, come struggle. There is no success without struggle and there is no happiness without hard work. A sense of achievement is missing when everything comes to us easily. Hard work and struggle teach us the value of what we have. But with every hardship there is craving for ease and it is often very overwhelming. This results in backing off from our goal. What we need then is determination. The will to stay focused and achieve what we desire for should be so strong that nothing can stop us from accomplishing our goal. Whenever we are stuck in a situation where our mind is getting deviated from our goal, we should take a step back and relax. We must think of all the reasons why we are put into such a situation. We must consider why is it so important for us to stay on the journey of fulfilling our dreams despite all the hardship that it has to offer. Such introspection serves as a good way to boost up our confidence and stay determined to transform our lives. We must use our brain for good . We must remind ourselves that, the more difficulties we face, the closer we are to our goal. Living fully requires everything we have got and whatever goes to worry cannot go to anything else. Worrying drains our energy so, we should instead use our imagination and lift ourselves.

Life is not optimistic at all times and sometimes we really feel like everything it is doing is not for us. We all wish for a colourful life and without even one colour be it light, dark or otherwise, our days, our experiences and our lives would be considered incomplete. We must encourage ourselves to take every situation as a part of this artistic process that will finally lead us to happiness. Approaching everything that comes to you in the most pleasant manner changes your outlook towards life. It is not an easy thing to look through failure but seeing it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and considering it as the beginning of something better than before will surely help us in making the most of what we hold within ourselves. An improved outlook is the key to improved performance. We must always take a few minutes out of our busy schedule and express our sincere gratitude to god. This makes a huge difference. Those who keep faith in the almighty and continue with their struggle will sure be blessed with what they desire or sometimes even better. We must always have a positive and gracious attitude because life gets all the more simple that way.

Some people believe that holding on and hanging there are signs of great strength. Butt this not always true. Many a time we need to realize that we can’t reach the top always. There is nothing wrong in having an optimistic view but sometimes we really need to look into ourselves and decide whether we are really doing it right. Yes, Staying focused is very important to become successful. But sometimes we might not be ready for it. We need to prepare ourselves fully for whatsoever we want to do in our life and then step into the journey of achieving it. Many people have dreams. They even have the much needed determination. But then why do some succeed and some don’t ? The answer to this is really simple – some have the ability to deal with the things and others don’t. So does this mean they should give up? Of course not. In fact they should take that opportunity to better themselves because there are times when they need something much more than strength. Sometimes it is impossible to realize just how much stress you give yourself while working on something you really want. In those moments, rather than straining and fighting through with unnecessary pain, we could just as easily ask for help or allow ourselves to be helped by those around us. It would be the best thing to do. Then why do we insist on doing it all by ourselves? Why won’t we just let it go? We’ve all got something of which we are afraid to let go. We struggle to decide if, in that moment, letting it be is better than letting it go. Open your hands, your head, and your heart to something that will better serve you. That will bring you closer to where you really want to be and what you really want to feel. Remind yourself that if you have the strength to hang on then you also possess the immense and incomparable strength that is regained when you loosen your grip.

One must never anticipate trouble or worry about what may not happen. Sometimes despite the entire struggle and all the hardships that we go through, we might not end up in what we want it to be like. And then it’s easy to be lost in the darkness and to hide in the shadows. But something better to do would be to let it go off. Many a time it is very difficult to deal with failure, but life always has a lot in store for us. We are never too late for a new beginning. So when a steam of light is pouring through the window, move your work and your thoughts into its beams and continue your work in its glow. Let its warmth radiate in all that you do and melt away your worries and troubles. And when you feel a drop upon your head and the rain clouds block out the sun, when you’ve rushed back inside to take cover, remember to turn on the light.

Lastly, the real heroes are those who work in silence and let their success make all the noise. Patience is the key for their success. It is of utmost importance to realize that there is no overnight success. One always has to work hard and hard for it even if the result is not as much as the work put in. One must always keep calm and wait for the rightest time. Success is not about owning luxury or having everything one ever desired for. In fact it is about the individual growth. One can never gain success in life if determination, perseverance, hard work and patience do not go hand in hand. Everything comes only to those who know the value of what they have. And being patient just adds up to the sense of achievement that comes in. It helps us in realizing that whatever has been put into things for them to happen will work one day, no matter how tough the situation is, it will always be rewarded.

Thus, a mere desire is not sufficient in fulfilling any goal, practice is what makes one perfect and one must always strive in the most optimistic manner to achieve it.

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