The Best Things in Life are Free

—Dr. Krishna P. Chakravorty

The best sights of life are free - like the sunrise, sunset, moonlit sky,
The stars, the galaxies, the dome, the constellations and the comets,
The oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes and the mountain falls,
The gardens, the flowers, the foliage, the forests and the greeneries.

The best sounds of life are free - like the thunders roaring in the sky,
The winds blowing with hissing sounds, the birds singing in the trees,
The ocean slapping on the shores, the falls dripping from the mountains,
The leaves murmuring and the lighting bug chirruping in the dark night.

The best smells of life are free - like the smell of flowers and buds,
The smell of green grass, the smell of essence, fragrance and aromatics
The smell of orchards, the smell of fresh produce, paddies and wheat,
The smells of Nature, natural foliage and the forests spreading around.

The best things in life are always free, fresh and available all around,
All you need to do is to recognize them, find them and enjoy them,
As long as you can and as much as you can all over the world around,
Only keep your mind, eyes, senses and consciousness open all the time!

About the Author
Dr Krishna P Chakravorty was a Faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Ohio State University and the Temple University. He has also served with the US Air Force, Dept. of Defense, EPA, etc. He is a Senior Citizen with US Citizenship. His interests include Philosophy, Science, Poetry and Nature.

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