The Integral Education

— S.A. Maa Krishna

“An Integral Education which could, with some variations, be adapted to all the nations of the world, must bring back the legitimate authority of the Spirit over a matter fully developed and utilized.”
The Mother

The sacred institution of Integral Education is missioned to bridge the gulf and sharp division between the two extreme ends of existence, the Matter and the Spirit which begins step by step obscurely and ignorantly, continues through diversity and culminates in an immense educational movement through inalienable unity, constant luminous reconciliation and triumphant harmony. It recognizes this mutable mechanical unintelligent bodily substance as the noble and fit material to inhabit the immutable, imperishable Spirit and the Soul; they are reconciled with each other either by objectively subjective method of analysis and observation applied to Life, Mind and Matter through knowledge by projection, confrontation and apprehension or by subjectively objective method of synthesis and illumination applied to Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental Self through knowledge by identity, harmony and comprehension and arrives at the repose of the ultimate unity without denying the energy of the expressive multiplicity. Objectively Subjective method of Education proceeds separately from all things to resultant unity and arrives at the knowledge of the Self and the Universe through the activation of the pure Reason, Intellect and Mind and Subjectively Objective method of Education proceeds from essential oneness to resultant multiplicity and arrives at the Knowledge of the Self and Universe through the activation of the triple Soul. Only by complete and catholic affirmation of both the methods of Education known as Integral Education can all the multiform and apparently contradictory fact of existence be harmonized and Mind with its effort and the endeavour and the Soul with its spontaneity and the way of infinite enlargement will discover the true centre or the Central Truth, and Education will know its aim of objective and subjective self-fulfilment through apprehensive and comprehensive knowledge and integral human existence through infinite unity and serves the whole humanity through the life with a serene and settled joy and light with rhythmically discursive Divine Shakti to support the growth of a diversified individuality.

The objects of Integral Education

The first object of Integral Education is discovery of its true centre which should be neither achievements, nor fame, nor success, nor power, nor material opulence, nor morality, nor attachment to mutable form. So the true centre of education must be always identified as the Soul, the Psychic being in the heart, the need of its growth and experience, its aspiration towards elimination of all imperfection. All that helps this Soul’s growth, Mental, Vital and Physical Education are identified as its accessory or a subsidiary helpful process; by the pressure of soul force they are lifted out of their limitations and carried more swiftly and profoundly to their absolute light in knowledge, integral completeness and their detailed and yet undreamed possibilities.

The second object of Integral Education is the discovery of its second centre or second Soul, which is not a high intellectuality, not idealism, not an ethical turn of mind, nor moral purity and austerity, not religiosity or an exalted emotional fervour, not even a compound of all these excellent things, not an emotional aspiration, not a regulation of conduct according to religious and ethical formula. It is the discovery of the spiritual Self above the head, enters into contact with greater Reality beyond and pervading the universe; it is a turning, conversion and transformation of our whole being. This spiritual Self uncovers the passage to cosmic Consciousness where the Matter is real to the Spirit and Spirit is real to the Matter and both find their true reconciliation.

The third object of Integral Education is the discovery of its third centre or third Soul, the discovery of a Supramental Self, the limitless Consciousness in which the Individual, the Cosmic and the Transcendent live eternally in each other; it has come for the adventure of the Soul lapsing into Inconscience and emerging out of its darkness and this adventure proceeds to capture all other sheaths without disturbing the poise which is kept firm from summit of Consciousness to its base; the experiencing Consciousness must preserve a calm balance and a high spiritual positivism.

The fourth object of Education must be all-inclusive perfection directed to resolve all the problems of existence including the ultimate, lasting and permanent solutions and utilize the Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental Education towards transformation of human collectivity and a journey towards the discovery of the source of Ananda from which this whole creation is originated.

And the last object of integral Education is the perfect self-expression of the Spirit in the material life of our terrestrial existence by purifying, perfecting and transforming the nether worlds through Subconscient and Inconscient Education or restoration of all-perfection of Sachchidananda Consciousness in the whole of humanity.

To be continued in the next issue . . .

About the Author
S. A. Maa Krishna, M.A, M.Ed., is the Founder of The Mother’s International Center Trust, The Mother’s Ideal Integral School and Sri Matriniketan Ashram.

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