The Mind

— Varanasi Ramabrahmam

our mind is a series of awareness. Self is a series of consciousness. Consciousness is present in all phases of mind - conscious states of mind. We have four conscious states of mind consequently or simultaneously. The four conscious states are - wakeful sleep, wakeful, dream and deep sleep.

In wakeful sleep and deep sleep conscious states of mind, mind is absent - mental functions such as experiencing, feeling, reacting mentally, thinking, learning of all knowledge and skills, receiving-cognizing information, communication through words or otherwise do not take place. Mind is in a state of rest. Mental activities of all kinds are off.

The only difference between these states of mind is, during wakeful sleep, mental awareness is available and during deep sleep phase of mind mental awareness is absent. During wakeful sleep conscious state we are aware of what is happening around us and to our body and we can act or react based on our volitions.

During wakeful and dream states of mind, mind will be in functional phase and all experiencing, feeling, thinking, cognizing, communication, learning of various disciplines and skills take place. Mental activities of all kinds are on.

Mind is the result of breathing process which issues out psychic energy pulses of 1/10 th second time-period and subsequent psychic energy pulse-transformations in forward and backward directions. The consciousness of Self, awareness of mind, inner-mental tools sense and action organs constitute mind and its functions.

When mind is functioning it is dual -dwaita phase or state of mind. When mind is not functioning and is taking rest, it is non-dual - adwaita state or phase of mind.

During adwaita phase of mind, no psychic energy pulse-transformations in any direction will happen. Mind is in peace, bliss, serenity, silence and contentment.

If we follow the Jnaana, Karma or Bhakti marga or do penance we can attain a state of mind which is not reversible, and be aware of the various functions of mind and still remain indifferent or act, react or interact as willed or necessary.

This is the essence of Indian spirituality.

About the Author
Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam is a post-graduate in physics and doctorate in life sciences; he is proficient in Telugu (mother tongue) , English, Hindi, Sanskrit, German and French. He has been writing poetry and short-fiction in Telugu, English, and Sanskrit.

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