The Uncaged Moments

— Bhavna Khemlani

The mind is assertive and blurts, ‘Beware!’ whilst the heart navigates the thoughts dancing in a Waltz putting a deaf ear to the mind. How often do we follow our heart? Do we ever allow ourselves to dance and appreciate life nourishing our souls? All it takes is to take a step forward and stop being a parrot of ancestral norms that bring about the negative in us. We all live in the same planet and parade under the same stars, so, goodness is applicable to all of us and it’s our sole purpose. Moments to be happy can be in a carefree spirit and one should not be in denial. Hence, living life wholeheartedly and having dreams come true is a manifestation from the universe smiling and offering uncaged moments to all of us. It’s never too late to begin and believe in embracing a new chorus of joy in one’s life.

The feeling of uncaged moments developed over the years when I started to sponsor for children’s education. Being a teacher for over ten years taught me many things and one of them is making a dream come true through literacy. Every child deserves basic education and it’s our responsibility to make this place a safe and better place. Moreover, having practiced Meditation and Reiki it created opportunities to tune within. I recognized that many thoughts and energy blockages were subsided and there was a free flow of energy. It was all about not nurturing the soul and thoughts that were captured and not setting free from past activities blocking creativity and eventually I found a way to let go. Although, it’s not easy at all times. Sometimes, it feels like this huge test. It all started with baby steps and till now I do become the victim of nostalgia but work towards letting go of stuff that serve no purpose. It is always easier said than done; however, the will to making life progressive with compassion is the tool to a soul’s journey. Spreading and sharing gratitude and compassion really makes one feel good. Feelings cannot be suppressed neither the wish to pursue a dream can be bottled up. Permitting one to embrace moments or feeling the carefree spirit out of the cage is a soothing and amazing feeling. That is exactly what I felt. Nevertheless, I tend to meet people who may be strange and/or serve no purpose in my life, so I simply send love and light and disconnect in a polite manner. There is always a good intention behind it, but sometimes, some situations may occur testing one’s patience and it is teaching a lesson to what pattern can be avoided in the future, hopefully.

Recently, I got the opportunity after the right moment; I travelled to Dharamshala, India where I attended His Holiness Dalai Lama’s spiritual teaching. The few days that passed by around the mountainous areas and being connected with nature once again was magnificent. With modernization, technology, and the ambitious mind, one finds it difficult to spend time in areas surrounded with nature. However, I believe that anyone can find time and that moment of an anxious feeling, nostalgia, stress, missing a dear one, or the bombarding of thoughts can be reduced with connecting within via natural surroundings. The universe has provided us special places where we can feel connected with creativity, positive energy and positive people to help us in our life’s journey. The collective manifestation of thoughts can create abundance and compassion with a great mind that has priceless knowledge to foster humanity. For two years I have been making plans, researching, and finally, in the spur of moment everything seemed to have worked when it came to attend His Holiness Dalai Lama’s teaching. His aura, presence, and the compassion can be sensed from a distance. That momentary sensation cannot be expressed with the right words, but only a feeling of bliss that His Holiness shares unconditionally through wit and experience.

Furthermore, meeting new people from various countries brought about new experience and confirmed that it’s all about setting feeling free and helping humanity to access to continuous compassion with gratitude which can actually make one feel valuable and less fearful. When one feels the love, one shouldn’t stop or justify it with negative reasoning. Precisely, if one feels love then one can’t stop it. The acceptance to something positive and genuine is miraculous. Having met students from the Tibetan Village School navigated me to meaningful activities. The children spoke in a carefree manner and sang leaving a soothing melody of lyrics harmonizing everyone. They surely taught everyone to set free and live uncaged moments. There are occasions when I feel stressed, low, and relive moments that make me miss people who are not around, and during those times, I light a candle and try to let those moments brush away or which brought happiness I cherish them. It’s like this big challenge that sometimes feelings dive into salty pleasures. However, trying is always the best option than not trying at all. I express through thoughts/inner communication to Guardian Angels, Guides, and Universe to help me unite with right people and allow me to fulfill my soul journey. With the will to feel uncaged and allowing continuous flow of energy at the right place, I do battle sometimes with norms and values that may not serve my purpose but may for others. However, the determination to disconnect with things that don’t nourish my journey and allow me to share happiness with others is definitely a door to be closed for eternally.

This piece of writing expresses uncaged moments in different scenarios. There is determination and a genuine persistence to foster lives of people bringing one bliss, compassion, and a sense of appreciation. However, passion plays an imperative role in attracting abundance, dreams, and the right people in one’s life thinking positively. No one’s life is perfect but a soothing feeling of gratitude brings light to the soul. May this article unite a person with him/herself and manifest dreams, love, compassion, and appreciation in his or her surroundings. Love and Light.

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