To take a bow or bow?

— Sushmita Mukherjee

Life is an infinite “bow,” filled with infinite “arrows,” arrows of all types…our very own mind serving as this bow, filled with the infinite arrows: Thoughts, notions, emotions…

Life is energy, in motion and formation, moving through its perpetual cycle of conservation through transformation. There is neither creation nor destruction of energy. Cannot be, says the “Law of conservation of energy,” presented by Albert Einstein. In continuation, a derivative of his “Theory of Special Relativity,” the mass-energy equivalence, E = mc2, states: Matter is a form of energy. Is, energy materialized, everything and every being, in this material plane, called “life.” Stating so, is stating the spiritual truth of being, differently: Soul, eternal—transforming and perpetuating, cycle eternal, realizing itself as The Essence, The Divine—in form for its Divinity-realization, realizing the Innocence, Love, Child of The Divine that it is, shedding the layers of illusions, negativities, Self-recriminations…Self-negation…

E = mc2, as hails the awe-inspiring simplicity of the mechanism of manifestation, echoes what The Buddha says: We become what we think. Yes, our thoughts maketh our world, as maketh us.

Our past creates our future. Created is the “present,” which, in terms of the past, is “future.” Thus, the present, desirable or otherwise, presents to us the opportunity to mould our future, “the coming present,” as Shakespeare beckons, “As you like it,” and Einstein affirms: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

The past-present-future is but a reference for understanding the Eternal Continuum that life is in motion. So is it with the parents and children… Parents could be held as bows, holding the arrows, their children, and launching them, as the moment arrives, imbued with the education, values, Love…with which they are nurtured. Yet, William Wordsworth notes: “The Child is the father of the Man,” in the poem “My Heart Leaps Up” (also known as “The Rainbow”).

Blessed, with the gracious invitation to share an article and the receipt of the insights following, flashes Wordsworth’s “Flash upon that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude”: “The child is the father of the Man.” Further, unfurls the correlation between “Parents are like a bow and the children are like the arrows” and “Our thoughts create our world,” reiterating: We are the cause as well as the caused.

We are the “parents,” parenting the “child” that we are! We are the bow, full, loaded with the arrows, healing as well as painful. The present, the “child-in-the-now,” leads us to reflect upon the “parent”: The thoughts in the past, conscious or otherwise, projected… Whether we feel protected from or exposed to the turbulences in the life external, is decided by whether the mind is calm…mindful…surrendered to The Divine Will, free from judgment of Self and all, acknowledging all—Self, too. Everything begins within, as Everything is within. We are one with The Source, Love Unconditional, The Universal Energy of Creation.

Bio-logically, parents are indeed the bow, and the kids the arrows. But, what if the parents find, “logically,” inexplicable, the form that the kids take—with deference to the impact that they have, to begin with, on their own lives, and then, on the world at large, as, we, the energy in form, are never existing in isolation? Thoughts thought, emotions set into motion, feelings felt, have their consequent outcomes, subtle or gross, perceptible or imperceptible…whether we are “directly connected” or not apparently, as intrinsically we all are connected. Moments, of deep Self-enquiry do arise, as the process is of constant Self-referral, whether we know or not, as the purpose is Self-realization.

There are moments, when, parents are filled with pride and gratitude at the accomplishments of their child (children).

The world calls out to take a bow. Every feather in the cap of the offspring warms the cockles of the hearts of the parents, fills the mind with peace… But when the world abhors the kid-turned-adult, what do the parents do? There is a clamor, all-around—more importantly, in the mind—to bow. Anguish it is… “What have we done…what did we fail to do…” and the like, and many “whys,” besides blaming the external world, consume the mind, claiming its peace.

Conversely, when the children present themselves as “positive reverse” of their parents, then, too, the world enquires: “How could such parents bear such children?” In such cases, the children, as grown-ups, hailed and called to take a bow, it is just the reverse for the parents. Yet, life, ever-affirming, evolution in process, parents are not hauled to bow, but led to bow to the Unconditional Love of The Divine, ever-presenting the opportunity—and ultimately leads—to re-align with the Truth, the intrinsic goodness, Divinity. Then, literally, the child turns out as the father of the man, the turnout: Child leading and guiding, parenting, the parent! It is the present lighting up the past, and joining hands, leading into the future, together…bright…lighted by and as the Love & Light of The Divine!

Parented by parents graciously open-minded, blessed to be brought to form bio-logically by them, nurtured by their Unconditional Love—ever-furthering, hindering never the “search” and the inward journey…—led I am to all that I am led…by That I Am, The Divine…realizing: It is “logic transcendental,” that flows and forms our life, placing in our hands a healing bow, filled with arrows of our choice, with Love, The Arrow Ultimate, The Ultimate Healer of and Immunity against all dis-eases, blessing with complete Self-acceptance and Self-Love, loving and respecting all, even if our thoughts, views, match not… As we align with Truth and accept Self as One with The Divine, Its Unique Creative Expression of Love, imbued with Unique Creativity to express and realize our Divinity, we align with The Innocence, The Eternal Child Within…echoing Wordsworth…

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is the father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.
~ “My Heart Leaps Up”
(Courtesy: Wikipedia)

We behold and uphold the infinite rainbow that the bow, our mind is, that we are blessed with. Life calls out, from within: Be the child, and thus, the father, beholding the beauty, natural, the Truth of Being, Divinity, finding, feeling and realizing the Grace that each moment is… Then, when it comes to parenting, physically, the child too is presented with the Truth: All is within you. You are Love in form of The Divine, imbued with the empowerment to create your own life. Be The Innocence That You Are, Be The Beat That You Are, Feel It, and let your mind too leap in joy, always, beholding and upholding, solely, Beauty of Truth.

Called is the mind to assume its true power, and resume functioning, awakened and awakening, weakened no longer by the external forces, the intrinsic innocence of being embraced and resorted to…thinking from the heart, creating consciously the desired, Truth-aligned.

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