Vaastu Correction sans Demolition

— Akber Ayub

There is an intrinsic order and harmony in nature. Everything in nature has an appropriate proportion and rhythm that endows it not only grace and beauty but also a perfect co-ordination in its working with everything else in nature. This principle of absolute harmony and consonance in the universe is the governing principle of the science of Vaastu. Disturb this harmony chaos will result. This is as true for man made creations as it is for natural entities. Violate the law of nature in your house or place of work and you end up with disharmony. Pay heed and you will find harmony and peace, and its natural consequences—happiness and prosperity, not to mention good health and well being due to the positive, vital vibrations called bio-energy promoted in the building.

It is a misconception that Vaastu is the science of designing structures in accordance with local environment like prevailing wind conditions and other weather patterns to achieve ideal lighting and temperature within the building. The fact is Vaastu is a result of understanding the role of the five basic elements in nature namely earth, water, fire, air and space in generating and regulating cosmic energies and how a harmonious co-existence of all these elements in a building—thus honoring our link to nature—promotes not only our physical, mental and spiritual well being but also helps us actualize our true potential.

Through metaphysics, modern science now validates the truth in these principles. Evidence collected by physicists through research in the field of geobiology, (aka exobiology - the branch of biology studying the effects of extraterrestrial environments on living organisms on earth) reveals that a tree, a piece of rock, a single cell—every single form of matter—vibrates with its own unique wavelength. The animating force that makes it pulsate is the unseen spirit, the energy contained in every matter. In a human being it is represented by the soul that animates our physical body. In the universe, it is the divine cosmic energies that permeate all matter—every single element in the physical world. It naturally follows that vibration exists in our buildings, our home and work place, just as it exists within us. Vaastu aims to maintain and even enhance the positive vibrations and block out the negative ones, thus making the building’s vibration resonate and harmonize with the surrounding environment and the vibration of its inhabitants. A Vaastu building channelizes the positive cosmic energies to flow into it.

While it is easy to follow the principles of Vaastu when building your home or work place, even with the constraints within a big city, (you can reap most of the benefits even if you achieve 50 percent of Vaastu compliance), what about buildings that have not followed Vaastu principles? Other than demolishing and rebuilding or at least relocating the inappropriate parts of the building, is there an easy way out? The answer is an emphatic yes according to a new adjunct to Vaastu.

At the heart of this new approach is the finding - again culled from ancient writings - that blockages in the flow of positive cosmic energies in a building could be removed and harmony established in its vibrations by various means using different sets of tools. The means employed derive from Feng Shui, Pyramid Vaastu, dousing and energy auditing, chanting and incantation and invoking specific cosmic energies using powerful symbolic tools called Yantras.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system considered a natural science, helps to balance the energy flow in an environment, enabling you to transform your house into an energetic, healthy and a harmonious place. The idea is to understand how energy moves in our surroundings and how to harness it.

Chinese scholars recognized ‘life energy,’ or Chi, as the main component in the living world, and by ensuring a proper flow of Chi in the environment, through Feng Shui, they discovered that the imbalances created by wrong locations, orientations and other defects could be rectified. They created formulae to understand the forces of nature by analyzing Chi components and identifying missing elements. Using Feng Shui, they could counteract these imbalances, which resulted in a healthy chi, or ‘life force’, that enriched life and brought harmony and happiness. Says Aditya Narayan, (Ph: 9448053639) Feng Shui expert from Jayanagar 5th block, “ All Feng Shui articles like convex and concave mirrors, crystals, metallic icons, wind chimes etc are appropriately used in this process to deflect negative energies and attract positive ones to a premises. These powerful symbols act by neutralizing the energy defects in a building and promoting positive vibes.”

Pyramid Vaastu on the other hand harnesses the power of Pyramids to meet this end. Dr. Dhara Bhatt in her book Pyramid Vaastu says, “The unmanifested energy is continuously transformed into shapes. Shapes are working boundaries of different energies. The pyramid interacts with the universal energy in six directions, the four sides, the base and the apex. Pyramid is like the microprocessor of all universal energy.” Pyramidology is a vast subject encompassing not just its power in channeling energies but its beneficial effects in other areas of life, like its power to enhance nutritional value of food, enhance our well being, cure ailments, neutralize bad effects, aid in meditation, not to mention its rejuvenating affect on plants and animals. To quote again from Dr. Dhara Bhatt’s book, “ Pyramids work on all seven levels of human systems — physical, etheric, astral, lower mind, higher mind, soul and spirit.” Pyramids find wide application in Vaastu, offering a simple method for correction. Ramaprasad, (Ph: 23442393) an advocate by profession and a trained pranic healer uses this powerful medium in his work. Says he, “ Pyramids can shift rooms virtually or improve shape energy. The approach is the same as in Feng Shui but the methodology is different. I use pyramid Yantras to help correct Vaastu defects, to correct disharmony in a building and derive optimum benefits.”

Dousing is yet another method used to determine the energy balance of a place. Just as it is used in divining underground water and minerals, this simple technique can also reveal energy levels, especially negative energies in a building. Nanda Kumar, (Ph: 23348507) a Pranic healer and diviner from Malleshwaram uses dousing to first determine the interplay of positive and negative energies in a premises before neutralizing the negative ones using powerful incantations also called mantras and then using a different set of hymns and chants performed mostly away from the target building to enhance its positive vibrations. Says he, “By this method not only Vaastu defects but also strong negative energies generated within a premises due to geopathic lines passing under it, or those generated by ill will from people with evil intentions or other similar causes like sorcery are revealed.” He uses powerful mantras to first neutralize these harmful energies and then uses other appropriate set of chants along with Pranic Feng Shui articles to bring in positive energies. He further enlightens: “The unseen forces that work within the individual and in his environment are amenable to influences from these sound-units or mantras. The energies of the individual or for that matter a building are enhanced, corrected and rendered effective by the employment of the mantra.” It may unsettle you to find this one-time geologist pin point the exact locations of concealed vortexes of negative energies in a premises by just dousing its floor plan on a piece of paper and then neutralize the same, sitting miles away, all without even a glimpse of the target building; but when you hear his numerous satisfied clients, your skepticism is likely to turn into admiration.

Shoaib, the sole breadwinner of his family with three unmarried sisters was struggling with his tottering plywood business, when, on a chance meeting, he discussed his woes with Nanda Kumar. The Vaastu defects in his home and shop were corrected and soon, his life took a complete turn around. According to him, “The improvements have been almost dramatic.” What’s more, within a year his three sisters were married off!

The opening lines of the book Yantras by S.K.Ramachandra Rao goes thus: “The use of mystical designs and magical diagrams, known as Yantras, is of great antiquity….” Indeed these ancient tools, essentially designs and inscriptions marked or etched on small, mostly square metallic plates, then energized using methods written down in the scriptures, which confer magical powers on them, are used extensively for correction of Vaastu defects by practioners like Dr. Sham Sundar (Ph: 98450 18839). A one-time veterinarian, he says Yantras are visual representations of the energies, forces and vectors that operate within an individual at the abstract level — part of the universal consciousness. “Every Yantra,” he says, “is a self-sufficient, self-contained, complete and closed realm with magical powers to facilitate the movement of energies in the desired directions. They are fixed on walls, ceilings, doors and windows, any place where inappropriate energy lines create negative vortexes. The Yantra has the power to virtually alter room sizes, shift rooms to their correct locations, and in fact alter the floor plan itself — all at an astral, energy level. ”

Manu Nichani, one of his numerous clients, has this to say,“ I started feeling the changes almost immediately. My business picked up, home life got much more relaxed, there was an all round improvement in all areas of my life.”

These novel developments may perhaps confound you, but quite obviously, they produce results, and clearly, provide an affective and affordable solution if you find yourself troubled by what you suspect to be either defective Vaastu or other indiscernible causes.

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AKBER AYUB is a former entrepreneur, ex-marine engineer, book author, and a travel & feature writer for dailies and travel magazines.

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