Vegetarianism: Compassion For All Creatures


An advertisement Go Vegetarian.......All lives are precious gladdened my heart and soul. Yes, all lives are precious, even the life of an insect is as much important and invaluable as that of a human being. I approve of vegetarianism not because it's being endorsed by celebrities. This type of fancy vegetarianism doesn't last long and it's no more than a fad. I prefer vegetarianism because it's not only more healthy and hygienic, but is also ethical and compassionate. The very idea of eating non veg for one's palate reeks of beastly instincts. If you ever see how lambs, goats, cows and other animals are slaughtered for their meat, you'll shudder and turn a vegetarian in a jiffy. Non-vegetarianism is a throwback to our troglodyte past and cave-dwelling days when mankind didn't learn harvesting and there was no edible vegetation for survival. Scientists like Frank Morgan and Walter Raymond proved how non vegetarian food influenced thinking and made human beings violent. Many non-vegetarian communities are really violent and belligerent. The marauding Mongols, who invaded the sub-continent and paved the way for the Mughals as the latter were their descendants, never tasted veg food and their cruelty was proverbial.

Historians R C Majumdar and Ian Granville of Dacca University wrote in their seminal essay, 'Mongols and their dietary predilections' that the horse-meat eaters (Mongols) failed to differentiate between horses and humans and massacred both as if human life was even worse than that of a horse. Their savage food habits had a distinct bearing on their thinking and attitude.' There's a famous Hindi adage: 'Jaisa anna, vaisa man' (As the food is, so will be the thoughts). You cannot gainsay the ever relevant truth of this saying. Non-vegetarianism regulates an individual's thinking and makes him/her cruel, ruthless and even pervert. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud found a relation between sexual perversions and non vegetarianism because he himself relinquished non veg at the age of 30 and found that his overwhelming sexual imaginations and perversions subsided considerably after turning a pure vegetarian! All Sufi mystics of Islamic stock, were vegetarians.

Jalaluddin Rumi, the greatest of them, never even touched fish and eggs, which are considered as veg by many pseudo and opportunistic vegetarians nowadays. Once an Arabic mystic Ibn- Al-Masroor went to meet Rabia Basri, a great female mystic of Basra in Arab peninsula. He wondered to see that all birds and animals were fearlessly playing with Rabia. He asked her what was the mystery because birds and animals ran and flew away to see him but they were playing with her? Rabia said, 'I'm sorry to say but the truth is that they know that I cannot harm them because I'm a vegetarian but you being a non-vegetarian, they sense that they're not so safe when you're around.' Masroor was ashamed and he immediately vowed never to touch meat in life. He stayed a complete vegetarian till he died and even wrote panegyrics in praise of vegetarianism. His poem 'Auhen-al-az-gosht' (eulogising vegetarianism) is taught at Arab varsities. Even the animals can distinguish between vegetarians and non-vegetarians! There are certain positive vibes emanating from a vegetarian's body. Science has proven it and The Reader's Digest carried an article on it in its September 1983 India edition. The article began with the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw's apposite line: 'I'm a vegetarian because I can't turn my stomach into the graveyard of animals.'

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in the recorded history of mankind, felt that he could think even better and more rationally after he relinquished non-veg. The legendary composers Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin turned vegetarians because they felt that the sublime music couldn't thrive in a 'cruel' mindset with an affinity for non-veg. The late ghazal maestro Mehndi Hasan left non-veg food at the age of 22 as it dawned on him that music and non-veg couldn't go hand in hand. The apologists and advocates of non-vegetarianism adduce the example of Adolf Hitler that despite being a vegetarian, he was so unthinkably cruel. But they forget the fact that he continued to eat fish and eggs till he died and he didn't leave non-veg because of his 'kindness' towards animals. He left because he began to have severe allergy and diarrhea after having red meat. He craved for non-veg but couldn't have it! In short, it's unethical to kill an animal and eat its flesh for one's dietary enjoyment. Doesn't it also want to live like you and I? We must think from a broader and much more compassionate perspective to realise that it's indeed against the rules of nature to consume non veg food. The sooner mankind understands it, the better. While I'm typing this piece, so many animals are being simultaneously butchered and devoured by ever hungry human beings. Be moved by the compassion for all creatures and not just for human beings.

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Sumit Paul is a Poona-based advanced research student of Semitic languages and civilizations. He contributes to world's premier publications and portals in several languages, viz, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, English among others.

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