—M N Raju

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

The human body is amazingly complex, among all living creatures. This complexity is the result of evolution over a period of millions of years. The man also had evolved as a powerful creature, not physically, but mentally. He has become the master of all creatures. He can do many more things, which other creatures cannot do. To be superior to all other creatures man had certain advantages, in both physical and mental characteristics:

• He can walk in upright position.
• The two hands are free to do multiple works, can make tools and can use tools. They can handle limitless tasks.
• It is the large human brain and its achievements, that make man unique among all other creatures of the planet.
• The tongue and the vocal cords are also a great advantage to human beings. They can produce multiple sounds. Man could express himself by means of sounds and those sounds can also be recorded in the form of certain symbols. The link between the brain and the tongue is responsible for the formation and development of language, which helped man to become the most powerful creature on the planet. He can develop theories and think about them. He can translate thoughts into languages and then record them for further development or to communicate with others.

We have been talking about such amazingly complex human body for the last nine months. It is still continued, since the human body is a great mystery. Unfortunately we know very little about our own body. The reason is that we think about our body in terms of spirituality. We feel that the body is the creation of God to enable us to love and pray God to become eternal. But many religious people teach that soul is necessary in the journey to eternity. They had given little importance to body which is a vehicle of soul in its journey to eternity. Most of us feel that soul is important to reach God, but not the body. That was the reason why we gave less importance to the body since it does not reach God and only soul reaches God. Even some of the religious masters taught to destroy the body, to trouble the body and not to care the body but only to care the soul. But in reality the concept of not to care the body and only to care the soul is wrong and meaningless.

The body, that too healthy body is only the means to create a healthy soul. Without good body there is no soul. The soul gets a new life through the body. The new life to the soul is only because of body. The body is the basic carrier of soul and it only helps the soul in its “One more journey”.

The science treats body as a machine, which has many organs, cells, brain, blood and flesh etc which are prone to diseases, germs, virus etc.

But spirituality treats all of them as one unit, containing a Soul, which experiences Love, Feeling, Truth, Beauty, God etc. That means, the science brought a huge amount of knowledge but it is lacking spiritual wisdom. So if we can understand science properly, the knowledge of the body is reinvented and the resurrection of soul happens, then the body and soul go hand in hand.

About the Author
Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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