—M N Raju

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

The Body is the visible soul
The Soul is the invisible body.

That means, the body contains the soul which is life and as long as life is there in body, the body is also a soul. The soul also is the body, since soul is a part of the body.

When you are aware of such body, you can maintain a good mind and a good spiritual soul. Then you are a successful being.

The body is dust in the absence of soul. But it is the divine as long as the soul dwells in it. It means, the soul needs a body which is healthy and perfect in every respect. The soul feels happy to be in the body which is well maintained, healthy, energetic and disease free. A good body not only keeps an eternal soul happy, but it keeps mind also in a well-tuned mood and in turn the mind brings success to your life.

Hence your success is successfully obtained not only because of intelligence of mind but also because of your healthy body. In a way your body plays a major role in achieving your goals of life than your mind. Your mind is only a chemical reaction that takes place in your brain. It does the work of processing your thoughts and your body does the work of bringing those thoughts into reality through its sensory organs. The body implements the thoughts of the mind and the mind gets stimulated for its thoughts from the body.

Here we consider certain point that how your physical eyes transform the vision to your mind and how your mind creates thoughts from such visually obtained objects.

How do you see and how far can you see?

We feel that we can see the objects which are at a distance. It is not correct. Actually we don’t see “any” at all.

The eyesight does not travel from your eye to the object, instead the rays of light reflect from the object and enter your eyes. It means we do not see object but we get the rays of light from the object.

When light enters into the eyes, passes through cornea and then through the pupil (the lens) and finally reaches the retina, which has the light-sensing structure in the eye.

The retina contains cells, called rods and cones. The retina contains 100 to 120 million rods and about 6 to7 million cones.

The light, after passing through the gates, stimulates rods and cones. Then the rods and cones create electrical impulses, that travel along the optic nerves, to the brain. Then the brain forms the picture.

The picture is out there.
It is now in your brain
It is your hardware
The image is your software.
But there is one more magic.

Do all the people get the same image of the same object? All the people do not get the same image.

No two spider webs are same.
No two blades of grass are same.
No two people living are same.
No two leaves of a tree are same.
No two cells are same.

7 million cones and 100 million rods are of different formation.
7 million cones and 100 million rods of other man are not same.

The above example, regarding formation of a picture in your mind, make us feel wonder about our wonderful body. An eye does all this magic to create an image on your hard-disc and to make a software to use the image whenever you want to use it. These images create thoughts. If an artist sees a beautiful flower, he creates a wonderful picture and becomes a successful artist. When a student sees a problem solved by a teacher on the board, he gets knowledge and he becomes a successful student, etc. A good image creates good in us and a fearful image may create fear in us and so also several such experiences are created in us in the same way.

All your body parts are unique and your body is your personal universe and it is your own and unique.

Since every part of your body is essential to run your mind and to run your life, be aware of your body. Then only it is functional. If any thing is weak, everything is weak, including your mysterious mind.

Balance your body and mind in good condition to achieve:

Right action
Right belief
Right aspiration
Right speech
Right livelihood
Right endeavour
Right thought and
Right meditation

About the Author
Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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