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We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

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In our previous article, we had a lengthly discussion, about the advantages of having a strong mind (Meditative Mind) and how a person stands apart from others in the society and the one who has a strong mind. He takes care and tackles things in a different way, even at the point of problems. He rises for the occasion and does his part without fear. He organizes things well in life for the advantages, for his own-self and for the society, all around him. When once he experiences, the art of organizing things, with his strong mind, he never gets lost in confusion as other persons do. He enjoys the flow of beautifully organised life. He makes himself a different person. He does not get disturbed in a problem and enjoys the comfort of the situation. He is at ease, relaxed and compassionate. He is free from fear and superstitions. He is energetic and generates energy in others. He is every thing of good in a bundle of one life..

Hence, the great life means, the great mind. The weak life means, the weak mind. However, physical strength is needed to lead a life, but how that physically strong person behaves in life. Either lives like a man of “strength” or man of “weakness” depends upon his mind. Whether the mind is rearranged with all positive thoughts or weather the mind is arranged with negative thoughts, is the critical question. That means, it depends on ones mental conditioning or rearranging the thought processes.

It was also discussed earlier that ‘The Carbon and the Diamond” are the expressions of the same matter. When the molecules are rearranged the carbon becomes diamond. If the molecules are not rearranged, it remains as carbon. Similarly, if a common man knows how to rearrange his thought process, he turns to be an extraordinary man, if not remains as an ordinary person. As a carbon becomes a diamond by re-arranging the structure and turns to be a diamond, a weak person can become a strong person by rearranging thought processes in a positive and creative way. Then the carbon becomes the diamond.

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Your brain is an ocean and your mind is its waves. Brain exists and it is one of the parts of your physical body. But mind does not exist and it is the process of brain. Since mind does not exist, it cannot be controlled but it can be controlled only through meditation. Meditation is its controller. The mind is like a river and its flow towards ocean is its process. During the thought process, the river can be regulated by building a dam of meditation across the river of thoughts. The flow of river and its water can be diverted for a better use. As the dam across the river brings water for various useful processes, the flow of mind also can be channelised into a better use by meditation.

Your mind works silently. It is your best servant, if properly trained and controlled, It is a scoundrel, if not trained and controlled. It is divine and a devil too. It is always young even when you are becoming old, if properly trained and controlled. Its power is limitless but its power is limited if you do not exercise the power. As you go on using its power, more and most, its power is multiplied and it becomes a big endless power-house. If you don’t, It becomes an empty treasure-house. More you know, more you understand.

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How to master your mind?
• The mind is full of thoughts, on an average about 60000 thoughts occur in a human mind per day. Out of these 60000 thoughts only a few thoughts are useful.
• By centering such thoughts in your conscious mind, you can master your mind.
• Don’t control the mind. No one can control the mind. Instead of controlling the flow of mind, make use of the best thoughts for your benefit, by centering the thoughts in your conscious mind.
• Try to find out the essence of the thoughts and unify them to a central purpose of your life.
• If you can absorb all central thoughts for the main purpose, you will become a strong person.
• At certain times, mind is also without thoughts i.e. during deep sleep or in meditation. But there is a difference – in deep sleep the mind looses awareness and thoughts. In meditation, the mind is without thoughts, but awareness is present.

So meditation is the best way of mastering your mind.

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Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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