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‘Belief’ is the root for thinking process. Generally you say “I believe’ I can achieve it, I can do it, I reach my target, I can get that change etc.” All our thinking process starts with a belief of achieving. Without a belief we don’t start our thinking and without thinking we don’t start our actions. Without action there is no achievement in the life. The entire process of achieving something starts with a belief. So ‘belief’ is like a seed. That small seed becomes a big tree, and sometimes a single seed becomes the whole forest and the whole forest becomes a ‘host’ of many wonders. Your belief, a small belief, a little spark of belief, may lead to be a big action as the small seed gives birth to a big tree and in turn the big tree gives birth to a mighty forest.

Belief is also like a drop of water. A drop of water starts its journey and turns to be a mighty river. The river, in its journey, has many stages. Its origin is small but its end is very big. Your belief is also like the smallest drop and its end effects are enormous.

A small tinkle of belief leads to a large amount of action and result.
a) The power of your sub-conscious belief is the power of your sub-conscious mind.
b) The power of your sub-conscious mind is the power of your conscious mind.
c) The power of your mind is the power of your life.

Belief ------ Subconscious Mind ------ Mind ------ Man
Belief, faith, trust and some more other words are used for the same purpose.

Why do we believe something?
Usually man feels comfortable when he believes some thing or some one or some unexperienced expectation. He believes in a guru, in a God, in a religion, in a profession, in a place, in a way of life, in a type of food, in a style of dressing or even in a pet animal etc. He identifies himself to be in love, with a particular issue. That is belief or faith. One may believe blindly. One may believe after investigation. One may believe after research. One may believe some thing after inquiry or following others.

The Dark side of belief:-
Everything has two sides and ‘Belief’ is no exception. There is a dark side of belief too.

Belief too is open for making choices related to our lives. These beliefs could be related to our personal lives, health, wealth, career, family or business. A set of these beliefs lead to our destiny. These beliefs, that have brought us where we are today, will decide where we will be tomorrow. When you have these beliefs, some of them are driven by greed, which may cause harm to you and affect others also. The other side of your belief may be brighter side, if you use them for the benefit of yourself, your family, society and mankind as a whole.

Believe in yourself:-
So avoid blind belief and to avoid blind belief, the best way is to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you realize your inner strength. That inner strength makes you understand whether your ‘belief’ is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’.


• Your belief in yourself becomes your life.
• You are the artist creating your life.
• Your search is also your goal.
• You are identified through your belief for achieving your goal.
• Your work is always to find your ‘chosen work’.
• Act on what you believe is right.
• If you believe in yourself the rest will take care of itself.
• If you believe in yourself, you will find something to give to the world.
• If you believe in yourself you will understand that God doesn’t need ‘Your coconut’ or your ‘Clean shaved head’, but he needs your contribution to His creation.
• Don’t believe in many ways but in selected ones, which lead you towards your ‘goal’.
• Try to live the life you create.
• If you feel that your belief has been leading into a wrong path, analyse carefully and set it right.

• You believe:-
My work is the way.
My love is the way.
My present is the way.
My past is the guiding way.
I am the way.

• If you believe in others, you are a piece of dead wood floating in a river waters, which goes directionless.
• If you believe in yourself, you are a boat with a rudder and sails.
• You are a flute in the hands of the Creator, if you have belief in you. If not, you are a simple bamboo piece in the forest.
• Others believe you, if you have belief in yourself. Others belief is nothing unless you believe in yourself.
• You are alone; no one can help you, no one can support you in creating your own belief. It is your own invention, your own fantasy, your own dream, your own passion and it is always to be re-invented.
• So,
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your passion.
Believe in your work.
Believe in your achievement.
Believe that you are a gift.
Believe in being a gift to others.
Believe that your life has a purpose.
Believe in your invention.
Believe that God has belief in you.
Believe in yourself even when no one believes you.

About the Author
Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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