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We have been talking about “belief” and it was said that “you have to believe in yourself even when no one believes you, provided if your belief is based on a “do-good, positive task”. Such belief in yourself is a source of power and a reservoir of strength. It is also to keep in mind that a “belief” may have its “dark” side too, if your belief is based on “selfish gains, egoistic and blind belief etc.” So, beware of wrong belief and aware of right belief.

If you believe in yourself:-
You keep growing
You keep maturing
You keep learning
You keep living
You keep guiding
You keep motivating
You keep integrating
You keep visualizing
You keep practicing
You keep contributing
You keep concentrating
You keep effecting
You keep optimizing
You keep controlling
You keep preparing
You keep expressing
You keep enriching
You keep enabling
You keep exchanging
You keep shining
You keep experiencing life
Experiencing and enhancing joy of life is the purpose of life.

A gem shines after polishing
A life shines after experiencing

In December 2008, Pranathi and Swapnika were entangled in an acid attack in Warangal. Swapnika died after 15 day.
Pranathi had six surgeries and underwent so much of mental agony. But she believed in herself. She passed B.Tech after nine months in flying colours.
She used to say that she never scared that she would die and only her fear was that she might lose her eye sight.
She had that horrible scene of the attack (on her memory). She saw that horror, that on her friend’s face, the skin was hanging and dropping out like pieces.
She said “Let the doctors do their work. I do my work. I don’t ask God anything. He knows what is best for me.”

Don’t tell God you have problems
Tell your problems, you have a God


One boy met with an accident just, four days before his EAMCET Examination (An entrance test for admission to professional courses in AP). Both his legs got crushed and his condition was serious. But he did not lose his confidence and he believed in himself. He decided to write his test against the advice of doctors and parents, even after he had undergone surgery for many hours. The parents took special permission and the boy wrote the test by lying on the stretcher. He got rank in EAMCET and completed his medical course. That is the power of your inner strength and it can be proved if you can believe in yourself. You can turn yourself from dust to divinity.

You are capable to kill your excuses and you don’t say “I can’t” but say “I can” if you believe in yourself. Your thought of fear, blind traditions, superstitions etc are removed and you are open to the scientifically verified ideas to rearrange the unscientifically excuses.

Your positive beliefs make you to believe that you can change your negative beliefs into positive. You have the power to change your old rotten beliefs into new talents. You can heal anything.

If you don’t believe in yourself you make the following excuses:-
• It is difficult.
• It is risky.
• It takes long time.
• I don’t deserve.
• I can’t afford.
• I don’t get help.
• I am not strong.
• I am not smart.
• I am too old.
• I am busy.
• It is too big.

But if you believe in yourself, you make the following action oriented deeds:-
• It may be difficult, but I can do.
• All successful people welcome risks.
• How much time does it take, is not the question, but how smartly I can do.
• Fear makes me to think that, I don’t deserve, but I am free from fear.
• Good planning and prompt action make me affordable.
• I am capable, I don’t need help.
• Strength comes from mind and my conscious mind makes me strong enough.
• Smartness comes from experience and experience makes me smart.
• I am old physically but I am young mentally.
• Busy people have more time to do more things, but not a lazy person.
• An ant carries two times bigger things than its own size, as a man, cann’t I take anything big? Yes, I can.
• My question will be “How do I reinforce this new way being?”
• I take my work as a verb. It is an action. I get to it.
• I don’t expect applause and I expect admiration.
• I don’t be a jerk, but be reasonable, kind, decent and fair.
• I talk less and listen more.

About the Author
Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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