— M.N.Raju
We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
— Buddha

If you want to become successful, stop thinking “what is right and what is wrong about others and instead start thinking what is right and what is wrong about you”.

In the process of becoming successful, there are several factors, to be followed. Apart from your own attitude, your commitment, your hard work, your wisdom and many more of your personal merits. There is also an important factor. This factor, on your road of success, plays a major role in attaining perfect success. This factor is, your relation with the people all around you, like your relatives, friends, employees and people in the related organization and many more.

There is a saying, “If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive”. It means, if you wish to get things happen in your favour don’t get the situations distributed, instead, mould them in your favour. While trying to mould the situations in your favour, you have to handle the people with care.

The deepest urge in human nature is “the desire to be important”. It is better not to condemn people, not to criticize and not to complain. Instead you give real appreciation, but not the words of flattery. The words of appreciation come from the heart, not selfish, but real admiration. The words of flattery come from the mouth as insincere and selfish. It is important, even to show a way of love while talking to little people.

How to make people like you:-
• What you want from others, you do the same to others.
• Be interested in others and love them, then they love you.
• Animals like cow, hen, horse give some thing to men, but dog gives nothing, only love. Among men also some one may give something, some one may help you, some one may serve you, some one may advise you and some one may love you. But every one is important for your success. Love them, appreciate and consider them as important as yourself.

Smile and Make first impression:-
• Greet everyone with a smile since smile costs nothing.
• It enriches those who receive and makes them spiritually and emotionally rich.
• A smile makes everyone to like you even at home, outside at work and everywhere.
• Smile is nature’s best way to express feelings.
• It is a great gift to man which makes friends and you will never be tired.

Other points to make you a successful person:-
• Remembering the names of persons and calling them by name is a technic of making friends. A person’s name is to that person, is the sweetest and the most important sound in any language. So, call by name as far as possible.
• Conversation: To be a winner be a good conversationalist. For it, be a good listener and encourage others to talk about themselves. But, talk less about yourself and listen more. It enables you to learn good points by listening to others.
• Create interest: Create interest in others about yourself by talking in terms of other person’s interest, so that they develop positive attitude for you.
• Let others like you: To make others like you, first make other person feel important and try to give good advice. Then naturally they start liking you.

How to win people to your way of thinking:-
• You cannot win with an argument.
• See a disagreement should not become an agreement.
• Welcome disagreement and listen first then slowly pickup your points.
• Keep your points hidden in the beginning and then slowly assess other person.
• During the course, control your temper and listen as much as possible.
• Look for areas of agreement and filter the differences.
• During the process be always honest.
• Do think on the plus points of the other man.
• Thank the opponent for the good points.
• Then you come out with your plus points and make him understand.
• Finally bring conclusion for the argument and win over the others.

About the Author
Shri M N Raju, the Chairman of MNR Group of Institutions, is a prolific writer and critic. He has published several articles in literary magazines across the world. His book Two Billion Heartbeats that talks about his philosophy and his life, has been published by Jaico Books and is widely read and acclaimed by authors and critics alike. He has won several national and international awards for his contribution to Indian education and healthcare sectors.

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