Listen to my soul call

— Shivaji Mahan Cairae

Divine Gurus*! Listen to my soul call
I was wandering in the wilderness of time and space
And totting the wisp of deeds, through the
Meandering maze of life and death

You were so benevolent and gracious
To notice me in the vast Milky Way
In the heap of worries and fears generated
By the haphazard exercise of my free will

And ushered me through the portals of wisdom
Quietly by the practice of Kriya Yoga
I surrender unto You and swear unfettered loyalty
Accept me under Your care for ever.

Guide me and lead me unto You
For now I perceive that You are no
Different from the Holy Spirit(Brahm) :
The ocean of Love and ever new Joy


Divine Mother! Listen to my soul call
I walked out of Your Eternal abode
With the licence to act, think and
Choose my ways as per my free will.

After incarnations innumerable
Of sufferings and wailings
By Your Grace, my Divine Gurus spotted me and
Shone that the maze around me is unreal

The relationships, acquisitions, deprivations
And the faggots of worries and fears are but
Temporary delusions webbed around me as an
Aftermath of blatant exercise of my free will.

Divine Father! Listen to my soul call
Days and nights I seek You in the earnest
I weep for You and yearn for You
Will You not come to me, just once.

And echo celestial “OM” in my cave of silence
And pardon the fall out of my random deeds
And teach me to love You with all my heart
And with all my soul, mind and strength for ever.

Holy Spirit(Brahmn)! Listen to my soul call
What a wonder! You are in me and around everywhere;
And yet due to the veil of delusion
I could not perceive You, all these years.

By a benign stroke from my Divine Gurus
The veil has sundered, and lo! You are here
The tsunami outburst of Your Love and Joy
Has swept me off from the temporal to your care.

I prithee, uphold the status quo for ever
And constantly be in my consciousness
Merge me, Your son, with You and wake me up in
Your Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

Oh Love Divine and Supreme Beatitude! Listen to my soul call
My Divine Gurus have bestowed the realization
That You are the Matrix and the Destination of all cosmic
Creation, through the Evolution and Dissolution.

The animate and inanimate dissolve into the universe
Who gets dissolved into the Holy Ghost—the Cosmic Sound OM
OM merges into the Eternal Light, which is One with You.
The cycle goes on by Your Divine Will, as per the Vedas!

* Lord Krishna,Jesus Christ, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahashayaji,
Swami Sri Yukteshwarji,and Paramhansa Yoganandji Maharaj and
All saints of all religions/YSS/SRF

About the Author
S.M.Cairae was the first Director General of Police of the State Jharkhand. He practices Kriya-Yog,the advanced technique of Yoga, which leads to deep meditation. After retirement, he had been associated with the Coaching Institutions in Delhi for the Civil Services aspirants.

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