Plan your work- Work your plan

— Vishal Gudlani

Life is all about being happy. The quest for happiness ends when you accompany contentment with yourself. Contentment can only reside within your heart, when you fulfill your needs and responsibilities. For fulfilling your needs, you have to work hard. To get your bread and butter and to fill your tummy you have to work. No one will feed you, if you sit idle. Even a mom says her son to work and earn, once he is grown up, so that he can earn, fulfill his needs, feel content and be happy. So it’s necessary to work, but that doesn't mean to just put efforts in a haphazard way and end up empty-handed. For completion of work, you have to plan your work.

So the question arises ' what's a plan?' and ' what's the need of a plan?'
A ' plan' is a protocol in which the steps of the work are decided in a sequential manner in a prescribed time to bring the work to completion. Simply, a plan is a blueprint for taking action. Need of a plan can easily be understood by a simple example.
Suppose you have invited your friend for the dinner. So what will be the plan or steps to put the food on plate so that your friend will leave with stomach full and a happy face. Ideally here are the steps:

STEP 1: First and foremost you will have to decide the menu. What will be the welcome drink to refresh the guests?
What will be healthy and mouth-watering starters? Delicacies that will appear on their plate in the main course to stimulate satiety and how we can forget the climax, the dessert.
STEP 2: Next will be, to make the list of ingredients ready.
STEP 3: Rush to market to get the ingredients.
STEP 4: Chopping the veggies and preparation of the stuff.
STEP 5: Cooking upto perfection so that guests can explore the taste in the food.
STEP 6: A saying goes,' Before the tongue, it’s the person's eyes that tastes the food.' So its very important to present the food in a really beautiful way as a tasty looking food acts as a great appetizer. So lastly plating the food is important.

This should be the ideal plan. But what if we didn't plan and start working to cook a dinner?
Suppose we miss the first step and didn't decide a menu and directly run towards market to get the ingredients, we may either bring the ingredients that are not necessary for cooking the meal or else we may forget to bring an important ingredient. Bringing unwanted ingredient will be waste of resources, that is money. Secondly if we miss an ingredient, we will have to visit the market again to get the ingredient, which will be waste of time. Skipping the step of making the list of ingredients will predispose us to miss an ingredient while shopping which may affect the taste, smell, consistency and look of the dish.

Time management is another aspect of planning. Suppose you spend a lot of time in preparation phase, you will be left with very less time for cooking which will again affect the dish. Also investing more time for main course dishes will compromise your time for desserts. So it’s important to plan even a meal. Unplanned efforts will waste your time and resource along with degraded quality of your work. On the other hand, planned efforts will help in optimal utilization of resources, time and more importantly the work will be done with utter perfection and within prescribed time. Every work has to be done in a sequential manner. Simplest example than can be given is of shampooing your hair. Even shampooing of hair has sequential steps.

Firstly to wet the hair and then to apply shampoo, work up the latter, rinsing the hair and lastly the drying. Suppose you didn't wet your hair and apply the shampoo and then just rinse your hair, it will just wash away the shampoo without allowing the shampoo to work and purpose of work remains incomplete. So a planned sequential steps are utter necessary for completion of purpose of work.

A perfect surgery is a classical example of a plan. A patient is first diagnosed with a disease. Then investigations are carried out and on the pre-decided day, the surgery is carried out. Common investigations include Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Sugar level, Urine -Microscopy and biochemicals.

Each investigation is planned for a purpose. If a patient is found to be diabetic he is made euglycemic before surgery or else diabetes will affect the wound healing of the patient later.

Similarly in case of cataract surgery, conjunctival swab is taken for culture by microbiologist to rule out infection. If surgery is done in infected eye, patient will end up in endophthalmitis. So if infection is present it has to be treated and then opted for surgery to avoid post-operative complication. So it’s necessary to plan to avoid unwanted and undue consequences of haphazard efforts.

If you are loaded with 10 tasks, you have to plan which task is to be done according to the importance of the tasks, so that the tasks are atleast done with important stuff.

Not only your work, your whole day should be planned. As if you get up at 7 am, you will be able to get ready by 8 am, have the breakfast by 8.30 am and reach work place by 9 am.

So we see it’s important to plan whatever we do but it’s rather important to work upon the plan.
If I just decide and plan to go to Delhi via railways tomorrow, will I reach Delhi?
The answer is simple 'NO'.

Because just planning is not enough, I have to go to railway office, get the railway reservation form, fill it, get the token, submit the form, pay the money and get the ticket. It doesn't end here, I have to catch the train on Tuesday. Planning isn't the end, taking up work according to the plan is necessary. Planning is just like sowing the seed which is necessary but more importantly you have to water the plant, keep it in sunlight, add fertilizers and then your plant will grow and reap fruits. In the same way, after the planning, you have to work on the plan to reap its completion.

Just Preparing the blueprint of the building will never give you shade over the head. Building has to be built by team efforts of architect, engineer, electrician, plumber, carpenter and many more. Unless you hire those people and get the work done, you will not get the shelter.

So firstly planning your work is important to utilize the resources optimally, time maximally, without wasting any of the above, completing work on time and with perfection. The story doesn't end here. Working the plan is important for completion of work. So simply we can say, Plan your work, work your plan.

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