How about man’s mind? Is man capable of training his mind to achieve a higher end?

Yes, it is possible. There are many great examples to prove this. Man can develop a focused mind through Sadhana. Mind, cells, heart, skin and other sensory organs work together, think together to build the most effective “Mind Hill” like the ants that build “Ant Hill”. However the ant hill is an effort by a small creature, which is a visual wonder and man’s mind is an invisible wonder of wonders.

How can the mind of man be developed? As it has already been discussed, it is possible by constant Sadhana and the laboratory which is needed to learn is all around us. The society teaches us several ways to develop our mind.

Here is an example to prove how differently the minds of two people work on the same incident.

Once I had two guests from two different medical colleges. Both were senior teachers with similar qualifications. They accompanied me during my walk into a beautiful garden at 5.30 am on a pleasant morning. I informed them that I chewed a few neem leaves everyday. They also expressed their desire to chew neem leaves at the spur of the moment.

One doctor selected tender brown leaves at the tip of the stems, plucked them and started chewing.

The second doctor also plucked tender brown leaves. But there was a difference in the way the first and the second doctor plucked the leaves. The second doctor was very sensitive. He did not pluck the whole bunch but left the smaller leaves at the tip and started plucking other tender leaves below the tip. This was a small act. But there was a lot of benevolence and positivity involved.

The second doctor’s attitude was wonderful. He did not hamper the growth of the tree, but just plucked the leaves. Later, I came to know about both the doctors. The first doctor was a professor in a medical college while the second was not only a professor, but had won many awards, including the Padma Shri and was loved by many.

Man’s tiny brain lies within a small skull and makes the mind work. A single brain can contain all the libraries of the world, if trained properly. Adopt the following principles to develop your mind and to make use of its maximum potential.

Clear Your Mind
Keep the mind free from all junk.
Remove all unnecessary and unproductive thoughts.
Don’t worry about the past, it is dead.
Your future is uncertain.
Your present is the reality and it will shape your future. So act now.
Stay clear of fear and egotism.
Give your best to your work and life.
Perform your duties efficiently and let the results follow.
Yoga and meditation are the best agents for clearing the mind.
Keep away from negative thoughts.

Watch Your Mind
The mind is like a beautiful garden, keep it free from weeds.
An average man uses only 5% of mind power. You should understand
that it has tremendous potential for one who knows how to tap it.
The mind is a limitless resource. The more you use it the better it becomes.
If you neglect your mind, it will become extremely lazy.
Leisure to mind is meaningless.
It is like a river. If you don’t use the mind power it goes waste like the water in the river. If you make a dam across the river, it will be the source of life and likewise the mind also becomes the source.

Train Your Mind
As it is said, it is a wonderful servant under your control if you train it.
If you let loose the reigns it will be a terrible master.
Under perfect concentration it remembers what you want to remember.
Train your mind to steer clear of negative thoughts.
Fatigue, fear, egoism, laziness, forgetfulness are close friends of the mind. Don’t allow them to take over.

The status of the mind is the status of the man. His personality depends on his mind and to enhance his personality he has to train his mind.

We can transform an insignificant piece of bamboo into a flute that gives eternal joy. Just like the flute, we can transform our minds into sources of eternal joy. This is what Lord Krishna has also preached.

One has to understand that the mind is supported by all our sensory organs and by our aura. The combined effort of all these wonders make up a person.

With self-discipline, an average person can rise as far and as fast as his talent and intelligence can take him. But without self-discipline, a person with every blessing of background, education and opportunity will seldom rise above mediocrity.

So start doing what is essential, then add what is possible, and one day you will discover that you have made the impossible possible.

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