Terms and Conditions of Imantra e-magazine

The decision whether to publish an article submitted will vest entirely with the Editorial Board of imantra e-magazine.
This decision is not subject to challenge or any adjudication of any kind.
The Editorial Board of imantra has no obligation moral or legal to assign reasons or inform the contributor as to why the article has not been chosen for publication.
Only those contributors whose articles have been selected for publication will be Informed.
The copyright of the article is held jointly by the contributor and imantra. Any assignments of the content thereto and permissions are only with prior mutual written consent.
The contributor explicitly states and confirms that the writing is original in all respects and that it does not contain any infringing material. The contributor also indemnifies the Publisher of imantra e-magazine against all fiscal and non-fiscal consequences of any subsequent allegations from across the world regarding infringement of copyright.